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We recently met with Celebrity Cruises -showcasing their new ship CELEBRITY EDGE.  If you want to combine everything "cutting edge" with the glamour of the past as well -this great ship is for you.  Several Celebrity Designers -incl. Nate Berkus are fully involved in her decorative creation.  From what we've seen it combines the look many younger people want, but without the coldness which can be a part of modern design.  Also, we feel the ship will appeal to all age groups.

Multi Level Suites with glass walls which are hard to imagine -until you see it.  Pool areas which have a feel for a 5 Star South Beach pool club.  You can also choose between a standard balcony cabin design or have one with a movable glass wall -which in a sense includes that balcony space within your room no matter what the weather is doing.  The Iconic Suite even includes your own luxury outdoor living area -we're talking huge.

The Rooftop Garden is just what you'd think -but on a ship!  A beautiful location with shrubs & flowers for you to relax amongst.  Then if you get the munchies, The Garden Grill is right there to be at your service.

This ship is really going to be a standout.  Whether a couple, family or any type of group -we suggest booking as soon as possible for best selection of dates & staterooms.

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We recently met with Paul Gauguin Cruises & Sea Dream Yacht Club.  Both of these companies offer amazing 5 Star Journeys -to very special places.  They also offer excellent all inclusive value for their top notch service!

Paul Gauguin offers a wonderful way to explore the magnificent islands of the South Pacific.  You unpack once & your Deluxe Hotel travels with you to the various destinations.  The level of value is doubled when you consider how expensive the South Pacific can be -when each item is "billed" to you as used.  All of these expenses are fully paid upfront -onboard the vessel.  We highly recc. staying a few days prior or post cruise to extend your trip.  This will also take concerns away regarding any flight issues.  We can handle any of the resorts -for a once in a lifetime experience consider an Overwater Bunglow, they are amazing.  165 rooms.

Sea Dream Yacht Club is like a friend of your's has one of the best yachts in the world & they've invited you to join them.  Who doesn't love that.  You can choose the Yacht Harbors of Europe & the Caribbean.  For the hearty sailors let us suggest the Atlantic Crossing -which happens twice a year.   With only 56 staterooms & suites you can see it's a very intimate atmosphere.  We can help with any group event -incl. Weddings, Reunions & Meetings.  Of course if the group size reaches approx. 100 people -you could actually charter the yacht and control everything onboard, incl. sailing routes, etc.  Some of the features we like best would be the Balinese Beds on an open deck where you can spend the night!  A marina platform with plenty of watercraft.  Wonderful food and service.  Yoga on deck in the morning.

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We recently met with The Irish Tourist Board -you've seen their TV spots covering all The Emerald Isle can offer you!  We're your guide through what features will help create the perfect journey for you.  We wanted to highlight some of the current standouts for you to consider.

If you'd like to feel very special -in a smaller hotel, why not consider The Hayfield Family Collection.  These are very fine properties in various locations where you'll feel that 5 star Family Service & Charm.  You'll have the choice of Cork or Killarney would be the locations.

In Dublin a wonderful historic property called The Merrion should be on your short list -a beautiful combination of historic elegance & modern features.

If you want to stay in a Castle there are many wonderful choices in Ireland -but we have to say we have a real soft spot for Ashford Castle.  Just reopened after a massive restoration -it's ready for your grand arrival.  Certainly an amazing destination for your wedding or any very special event!

Speaking of amazing destinations to celebrate any big event -The Titanic Belfast Museum on the location where the famous liner was built.  Of course you should of course include it in any trip, but we'll be more than glad to help out in your Grand Event here -we have wonderful connections there.  People joining you at this venue -will be talking about it for years.

For all of you Game of Thrones fans out there -we can arrange tours to the various locations where the series is shot.  To add even more realism why not try out the Cloaks, Swords, Sheilds & Helms which complete the picture(or selfie) -so to speak!!

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We recently met with the Tourist Board for the Champagne Region of France.  If you're a fan of the drink of celebration this is an area of the world you have to experience!  It's a beautiful region & offers a lot of variety beyond the main draw.

There are a number of choices in the area for places to stay -however if you really want to celebrate, we'd suggest the amazing Le Chateau Hotel.  This property offers it's guests a feeling of the Grand Country Estate for your enjoyment.  The rates reflect a good value for all the 5 star experiences you will enjoy.  For Groups of any type we can help arrange whatever special occasion you're celebrating.

There actually is a planned out Champagne Route for you to explore during your visit.  This will include the Mumm Cellar Tours.  Not to mention the birthplace of Dom Perignon -do we really need to say anymore about very special places celebrate an event.  Why not be in the "Center of it All"!

A number of Historical Connections are found in this area -including a number of them from World War II.  For those looking for more current day attractions -some of France's best deluxe "outlets" can be found in this area.  Attention all shoppers.

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We recently met with our friend's at Viking Ocean Cruises aboard their new VIKING SKY!  This is the ocean cruise division of the World Famous river cruise line you've all heard of.  The quality of the river line is very good to be sure -but we've even say they've upped their game from a 4 star to a 5 star on the oceans.

The owner of the line very wisely asked his previous passengers what they wanted in an ocean line & he designed the ships & product to satisfy that.  Sounds simple, but some companies don't always use this approach.

The result is astounding.  Very inclusive, all balconies, stunning Scandinavian design, wonderful service, little touches which mean a lot.  While not a cheap product -it does offer superb value for all you receive!  Voyages are offered all over the world -around it too.  A Spa among the nicest we've seen.  Of course no product is made for everyone and here is no different: Not really a Family Product, No Casino, No non balcony rooms for those with a limited budget.  Also, entertainment is excellent but not on a "big show scale".

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We recently met with Royal Caribbean aboard their ship ANTHEM OF THE SEAS.  Many lines try to come up with new designs which will please regular cruisers & also new people stepping aboard.  In a lot of examples they win on most points, but often have some misses as well.  In our opinion with this ship it was a big hit in almost all areas of this beautiful ship!  She has a very different look from many of her "ocean sisters" -but she mixes cutting edge with comfort & elegance, all at once.  This isn't easy to do.  She also offers beautiful decor in very varied styles -you feel as though there were many decorators involved, not just one.  There are 4 beautiful Dining Rooms -our favorite would be The Grand, but you'll be happy in any one of them.  2 of them are Open Seating & the other 2 are Set Seatings -so no matter what you prefer, the options are open for you.  The Fun Options are really amazing both for children & adults too.  Don't miss the North Star -to actually take a ride above the ship & there's no charge for this!  This Great Ship offers year round voyages from the Northeast -including one of our favorites: a winter caribbean cruise from the northeast!  Ask about extra perks for Groups -of any kind. 

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We were recently invited by Aruba Tourism to a great Tall Ship Event here in Boston.  Aruba arranged for great weather on the day we visited.  They offer all of their visitors the same -the most sunny days in the Caribbean -the safest Caribbean destination & the 3rd best beach in the world!!  Need we say more why this island is so popular.  You can choose an all-inclusive, but with the island offering numerous great dining options -some choose to dine around the island too.  For Destination Weddings make note: only 2 weddings have been cancelled in the last 11 years due to rain.  Aruba also is below the hurricane belt -so you don't have to worry about that issue as well.  We can offer many custom options to create the experience you want.  In connection with the Tall Ships -we can book you on various Tall Ships around the world -which carry guests in luxury, of course including Aruba as a port of call.

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