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We are thrilled to offer you nonstop flights from Boston to many winter destinations -other cities available.  You're also going to have a much more fun experience in the air -since everyone else on the plane is also going on vacation too.  We've even stepped up the experience even further, but providing entertainment for you at the airport -who ever heard of that!  It's a fun & relaxing way for Friend's or Family or any Group to get away from it all & we handle all the details.  Why not join us on vacation with the Patriot's Cheerleaders -many events!  We offer the Best Rates & a 125% guarantee.  Choose your resort from Budget to the Ultimate in Luxury -many of them are all incl. as well.  In Jamaica alone we have a resort the kids will never want to leave -in 2009 we'll be adding a magnificent new resort incl. the 1st Casino for your enjoyment.  We handle all the Famous Hotel Groups you've heard of.  Speaking of Hotels -we also offer an overnight stay at Logan, 7 nights of Free Parking, Free Shuttle & Children are Free too -$89.pp  For a Very Ltd. Time -we're offering 7 Nights at the Riu Palace incl. air at $1049.pp, this price is totally unheard of!  This is a 5 Star Grand Resort & one of our favorites.

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We recently met with this company -offering in depth quality cruise/land vacations to several areas of the world, at a great value!  Very often you'll spend a couple of nights at a hotel in both the port of embarkation & debarkation -giving you a more in depth experience.  In addition a number of overnight stops are incl. on many voyages.  You can even add sailings together -not repeating ports & getting better rates the longer you stay aboard.  Antarctica is a amazing journey this company offers, along with Europe, India, Africa & Ocean Crossings.  Male Dance Hosts are often onboard & we offer theme sailings incl. Health by the Mayo Clinic, Eclipse Cruise & The Great Ocean Liners!  English is spoken, the ship is non-smoking, arts & crafts -even incl. pottery on some trips.  We've always liked this ship & her design -she's been beautifully maintained -after all she's the original Love Boat.  At present we're offering RT Air fr. Boston and other cities from Free to $199.pp  -of course the earlier you book the better the offer.  Special Rates are now being offered on cruise fares as well.

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Some Great Offers -From Different Areas!
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We recently met with a number of Travel Suppliers & wanted to inform you of offers and features we really felt stood out.  How about a week in Ireland incl. Air, Full Size Car, Full Breakfast Daily, Deluxe Castles -I'm sure you're thinking it's going to be a fortune, amazingly fr. only $1299.  We even can offer 1st Class Air for much less than you'd find it anywhere else!  Take note of the Floating Chapel in the St. Pete -Clearwater area -it's one of those great unique places to make lasting memories & of course we can handle all your arrangements in the area as well.  Check out the Warbird Air Museum in Titusville -a great journey into history and hundreds of artifacts for you and your family to see.  If you're in the Orlando area consider the Ramada Celebration Resort for many facilites & nice rooms -for suites at a great rate look into The Blue Heron Resort -if you'd like a more incl. option we love the Royal Parc Suites.  You can either call us to book or use our Hotel Bkg. link on our website.  If you're looking for an indepth experience in Europe, China or Russia -Viking River Cruises offers many benefits to you.  Unpack once & take your beautiful riverfront Inn with you -dock in beautiful towns & small cities while you use the vessel as your hotel -English spoken onboard -no smoking policy -wonderful food incl. specialties by Celebrity Chef Martin Yan -all balcony ships in China

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We recently met with Carnival Cruise Lines aboard their beautiful VICTORY!  She is one of our favorites in the fleet -with a theme of the Oceans of the World, she has style.  All of the ships in the fleet really have their own theme & no expense is spared in giving you a different atmosphere in each area.  We often refer to them as Las Vegas Hotels that float -just as Vegas has gone a little more upscale, so has Carnival but never loses that element of Fun!  Their Cuisine is very good & several steps above what some think it will be.  Another misconception is that it appeals to just young people, but the ages aboard really are very even.  1/3 under 35, 1/3 35 - 55 & 1/3 over 55.  More than an age issues it's more a style feature -if you enjoy Vegas you'll love Carnival.  Their alternative restaurants are some of the most dramatic & beautiful we've ever seen!  One of our favorites is the 24 hr. room service -your steward showing up with breakfast in your room when you request has got to be the best -no charge either(try that anywhere else).

Cruises from Historic New Orleans are doing so well that we'll be adding 34% capacity next year.  Not only will you have a great cruise -but be sure to spend a few days in this great city before or after your cruise, you add a great element to your vacation & you're also helping the city and it's people prosper.  The Fantasy Class ships -which in our opinion have the best atriums of any ship out there, are currently undergoing renovations to create water parks, adult only areas & improvements to pool areas along with other upgrades.

All ships feature great spas -but ask about the ship which even has special Spa Staterooms.  Many special features & benefits -incl. being built within the spa area, you can really immerse yourself in the spa there.  Our 12 Day European Cruises offer the best possible way to see the continent.  You pay for most of your trip in dollars, not euros -you also unpack once and take your waterfront hotel with you!  We also offer voyages to South America & Transatlantics -if you have a group we're offering great offers on these trips.  Also ask about our program incl. the Queen Mary Hotel with your Carnival cruise from California.  The closest port which offers Carnival sailings is NYC -keep in mind we offer private coach service directly to the pier and back again, for a very nominal fee.  Book Carnival 24/7 thru our website or call us anytime.

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We recently met with 3 different companies offering very unique Caribbean Cruises.  For many they are looking at options to the larger ships!

First up is Star Clippers.  How could anyone not have a wonderful experience on these magnificent sailing vessels?  Incl. the largest sailing ship ever built -we can guarantee every time you sail into a port you'll "stop traffic".  These great sailing ships also do Europe, French Polynesia & Ocean Crossings.  We have special discounts on all the voyages -the earlier you book the better the offer.  Even though it's relaxed and friendly onboard -you'll still be surrounded by wood, leather, brass, oil painting & more.  Asia is also an option & we also offer land tours if you wish.  Ask about our excellent single rates -with a very small charge!  Consider a Group Trip for Family -or any event or theme.  We offer great discounts, perks & the numbers can be small.

Sea Dream Yacht Club -pretty much says it all.  You're automatically a member of the Club with Royal Cruise World/RCW.  It's just as if you have a very wealthy friend who's inviting you on their impressive Luxury Yacht.  Caviar in the surf -no problem, Balinese Dream Beds under the stars -no problem, watersports marina attached to the yacht(with all the toys) -no problem, a beautiful stateroom or suite -no problem, your favorite libation anywhere, anytime -no problem.  Crew of 95 takes care of 55 couples & 5 Star Cuisine.  We have a rent a deck program for your group/family & you could join the ranks of Jaguar, Chrysler, GE & Nokia who've chartered the vessel and designed their own voyage(remember it's only 55 rooms -therefore doable).  We always offer great value -however we're thrilled to currently offer savings up to 56%, on a ltd. basis.  These Yachts also offer cruises in the Med. as well.

Pearl Seas Cruises is a brand new luxury Country Club style of vessel.  She will be beautiful but not stuffy -she's your beautiful private home away from home.  In addition to the Caribbean she also cruises the East Coast, Canada & The Great Lakes.  In the Caribbean the number of perfect small ports that this new vessel visits is amazing.  All of the Suites offer private balconies & an amazing amount of room -this is really a major part of why this small ship shines -they range from 320 to 640 Sq. Ft.  Several Suites are set up for the Hanicapped.  The crew is also wonderful in it's service level & attention to detail.  The Chefs will be French & Italian -need we say more!  The same sense of "space" will be found in the public areas as well -or course.  This new ship with 108 Suites really fills a niche not covered by other vessels at this time.

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Great Hotels For That Foliage Trip -Or Any Time of Year
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We recently had a chance to explore the Middle Coast Area in Maine & wanted to inform you of 2 unique places we stayed.  In Downtown Bangor is The Charles Inn -Bangor's Art Gallery Hotel.  You are within easy walking distance to all the Galleries, Restaurants, Pubs & Bakeries of this carefully renovated City.  The Hotel is a warm throwback to when Hotels were individual -with antiques & unique atmosphere, both in the public areas and your private space as well.  Connie is the manager and greets her guests with a warm welcome -no matter what time of day!  If you're tired of the cookie-cutter hotels The Charles Inn may be a very good choice!

Now on to our 2nd Hotel.  Approx. 2 yrs. ago we saw an ad for this Hotel in one of our Travel Publications & made the decision that if we were ever staying in the Augusta area The Senator Inn would be it!  She just totally stood out as a Gem.  Therefore when we were going to be in Bangor the time was right.  The entire property is very nice, incl. a very highly rated restaurant Cloud 9!  A number of rooms incl. a Fireplace & some whirlpool tubs.  All rooms offer a warm and varied style for your comfort.  The Hotel also offers a very nice spa & workout rooms for those who want these features -we can also put you in rooms close to these if that's a priority for you or your group.  But the absolute Crown Jewel of this Hotel is the Indoor Pool -it's one of the nicest I've ever seen!  You easily could think you were either at a European Spa or on a 1930's Ocean Liner.  3 Storys high, Pillars, Huge Paladium Windows, Vaulted Ceiling with Clouds overhead, soothing music, wrought iron furniture, whirlpool and more.  The only drawback is I wish it were closer -but we'll be back!

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We recently had the chance to see the brand new EURODAM.  As usual Holland America always stands out with their celebration of the sea & maritime history as well.  From her fine lines to a navy blue hull -she is the classic modern liner.  If you like the look of a Four Season's Hotel -these ships will appeal to you.  You'll also vacation anywhere in the world -or all the way around it, surrounded by flowers, antiques & oil paintings.  The crew is totally warm and friendly & while these ships exude class, stuffiness isn't part of the mix.

You can now rent Pvt. Cabanas aboard this new ship -we were very impressed with them & what they incl.  Prices were very reasonable.  We've always had a soft spot for Holland America.  We're also thrilled to offer our clients an onboard credit valued up to $340. at this time -take advantage of that now.

Holland America has also been voted best overall value for well over a decade -we're also glad to offer special discounts for Military, Police, Firefighters & Teachers.  Ask us about details.  Great children's facilities are on board as well.  For you Foodies -we offer viewing kitchens you can see well known chef's exact their craft, maybe you might even get into the act with them.

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