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We just met with the Dept. of Tourism from the British Caribbean -Barbados!

This is the destination for Foodies in this region -Zagat puts out a guide book for this island, need we say more!  The variety of places where you can enjoy great food is very varied, both by style & cost.

We pride ourselves on informing you of things others won't bother with!  Like the Concorde Museum -talk about unique and it's a great experience both for Adults and Children.  Tour the actual Luxury Jet & hear all about it's history.  Barbados offers you not only a great classic Car Museum -but also full Auto Racing as well, for all you Motorheads.  Speaking of that don't miss out on our ATV Tours of the island.

Of course without Polo how could it be called the Britain of the Caribbean -it's a huge interest here.  Many options for Golf are available, in every price range.  Tiger Woods got married here, need we say more.  On the Atlantic Coast some amazing surfing is available for those who want to "Hang 10".  Barbados has been popular for hundreds of years -it was the only place outside of the United States where George Washington visited, now if it was a choice for the Father of our country -how about you!

There are many Festivals you can attend -incl. Celtic, Jazz, Gospel, Arts & many more!

If you want an Ocean View consider the beautiful Hilton -every room has one.  Sandy Lane has one of the World's ultimate Spa's.  The Crane is one of our favorites & we can offer you All Inclusive at Almond Resorts or meal optional plans.

Barbados -A little harder to get to, a whole lot harder to leave!!!!!!!

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We recently met with the premier tour operator for the Galapagos Islands!  This program offers some wonderful extras for not much more money than others & yet it adds so much to your experience on this once in a lifetime experience!

These islands of the coast of Ecuador were formed from volcanic eruptions & offer an amazing aray of wildlife and landscapes to experience.  The company running these tours is based in the United States -giving you peace of mind, both in the operation & regarding finances.

The ship used is one of our favorites -nothing but suites for your comfort & yet the rates aren't much more than other companies which are using converted vessels -no where near the comfort!  She's a wonderful small haven of comfort in the rugged, beautiful wilderness.  All tours included.  Best Guides & Naturalists from the area.  Pre & Post Options available to explore Ecuador or Peru(incl. Lima, Cuzco & Machu Picchu!).  See a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sights.

Take our word for it -considering the Galapagos, this is the tour for you!

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We recently met with the Jamaica Dept. of Tourism & wanted to be sure to give you all the lastest news and our suggestions too.  I sometimes refer to Jamaica as "The Real Caribbean".  What I mean is that in addition to the beautiful resorts, weather & beaches -you'll also get to meet real people.  Warm people living their lives to the fullest, it's not a Disney like island -everything has it's own place.  Visitation to Jamaica is up double digits, just since last year -they're doing something right!

If you'd like a smaller resort which is almost beyond belief ask us about Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios!

We offer many Destination Wedding options at most resorts -Grand Lido is one where they offer a very special wedding event for your consideration.  We also have a Food Celebration in Negril next June, don't miss out on this Grand Event for Foodies -we're not charging extra for this event either!!!!!!

Please be aware that we'll be offering direct Boston flights on US Airways this winter!

If you'd like to stay in the Negril area and would like to feel as though you're staying with friend's who own grand oceanfront homes ask about Moon Dance Villas & the brand new Moon Dance Cliffs.

Of course Sandals is known worldwide for beautiful resorts & we offer their full choice and all the latest offers!  Their latest is in Montego Bay and called Bay Rock Estates -just out of this world.

For Families we really run the gamut!  From a 3 Star Oceanfront Property where a nanny is incl. -for each Family.  To a 4 Star Grand Resort offering children a mini Disneyworld atmosphere, even incl. a Pirate Water Park -sometimes it's hard to get them to leave this place.  All the way up to Beaches -part of the Sandals Family.

We love Couples Resorts & the way we describe them is 5 Star -without the Glitz.  If you want style, but you'd rather have things toned down a bit -we recc. Couples for your trip.

If you'd like the same kind of atmosphere, but possibly a little further out we recc. the Grand Resorts -these are brand new and beautiful.  If you really want to get away in style these are for you.

If you'd love to visit the South Pacific but can't afford the trip at this point -as us about our resort which will make you feel as though you are there!  Like most we've mentioned it's all inclusive too.

On the other hand if you sometimes like to feel as though you're staying in a Palace -like me, we've got an amazing resort in Runaway Bay for you -very good value as well.  Be sure to ask about the new Casino coming to Jamaica and the amazing resort built around it.

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We recently met with the Aruba Dept. of Tourism -getting all the latest info. & news about this very popular destination!  If you'd like some of the best beaches, friendly people, a choice of 5 Star Cuisine or familiar value favorites Aruba is for you.  Sunny most of the time & below the hurricane belt it's weather is perfect most of the time.  We can even give you info. on serious Auto Racing taking place on the island -for those who love motorsports.  Gambling and Shopping are also available for your enjoyment.

You can choose from All - Inclusives to 3 Star well run properties -there's something for everyone.  Ask us about children free programs incl. meals(year round) & Wedding and Anniv. specials too.  Ask us about hotels with extra specials rooms -some of them value properties.  Who doesn't love a Suite -well we have that great offer for you too.  If you want to really spoil yourself -but also get great value let us suggest the Riu Palace.  Ask us about the great homes for rent -they are really somthing & offer terrific golf options too.

Why not join the Patriot's Cheerleaders on vacation!  Talk about a great vacation with something extra special added for your fun.  You'll even fly down to Aruba with them on your private plane -much more affordable than you'd think!  Ask about one of our favorite hotels in Aruba incl. a Private Island & you can enter the lobby by boat as well -we always like to give you unique experiences.  This is a mid priced property too -which is always a nice feature.

Aruba awaits your need for friendly warmth this season -ask about our charters from various airports(incl. Boston) to this beautiful destination.

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