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We recently experienced this brand new ship for Celebrity Cruises -during her Inaugural Celebrations!  The term "Cutting Edge" is totally overused in describing many products, including ships -THIS ONE DELIVERS!!  She is a good looking ship on the outside -with 2 funnels, very rare.

But when you board this ship -that's when your jaw drops.  All ships are beautiful in their own way, but it's very exciting when it's a whole new design & many factors of the vessel are totally new ideas.  It adds to the excitement level.  She is an amazingly spacious ship.  Staterooms are very generous in size & beautifully decorated.  When I got back to my room at night -the look of the room was that of a beautiful bedroom of a really rich friend who invited you for a visit.  The Balcony was also spacious & came with high quality furniture.

The food was totally up to Celebrity's high standard.  The Main Dining Room is stunning & yet simple regarding colors -the overall impression is of white and silver.  Specialty Restaurants were amazing, both in the way they looked and in the cuisine.  Cost ranges $5. - $30.pp.  There's a great Wine Bar aboard where you'd swear you were somewhere in Napa.  Of course we love Michael's Club & this room is just as wonderful as on all Celebrity Ships.  The Sky Observation Lounge is amazing with views that just go on forever.

Don't miss the Glass Blowing Show -talk about Hot.  I didn't know what I thought of the Lawn Club with real grass before I boarded -it's only when you see it in person that you know how cool it is.  Ask about Aqua Class staterooms -we have some great rates & you not only have special access to the Spa, but even your own Dining Room with special menus.  There are even many special perks in your stateroom too.

You can choose Caribbean, Europe & Transatlantic Voyages -to choose from.

We'd have to say that the pools, incl. The Solarium are among the best at sea!  Where else can you watch Fountains synchronized to the music of the Band.  I'd have to say the Solarium is just "out of this world"!!!!

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