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We recently had the joy of experiencing the Rocky Mountain Rail Tour product & we give it high ratings across the board.  The scenery is astounding -there really is no other way to describe it.  If you choose the Gold Leaf service you'll be staying in top Hotels, incl. Fairmonts.  A number of these were built as Railroad Palaces -our personal favorite is the Fairmont in Banff.

The Train offers Great Service & Food -in both classes.  The crew is always ready to add their own stories to the wonderful experience you're having as well.  Red Leaf service offers traditional train cars & a Lounge Car which we loved -you really feel as though you've stepped into the gracious past.  Gold Leaf service offers Glass Dome cars for the ultimate views & a Dining Car as well.  The train is wheelchair friendly.

All routes are great -but we'll be glad to give you our suggestions on what we feel would give you the best overall trip(in either class).  Ask about our Free Helicopter tours & Free Night offers as well.  For those on an Alaskan Cruise why not add a pre/post cruise rail trip to world famous Whistler -a whole new dimension is added in just a few days.

This year we've added a culinary tour with the train.  This would be the choice for our own next journey & a wonderful experience for Foodies.  We do offer a complete Trans-Canada by train experience to add to your tour if you wish -it's a dream trip for many people!  We can give you options such as a rental car -driving part way, stays in Canadian Lodges & many options to add to an Alaskan Cruise if you wish.  If you prefer an escorted tour we offer that as well.  Book Early for the best possible Inclusive Values!!!!!!!!

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