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We recently met with a company offering unique experiences for Families!  Family Travel & several generations having fun together is one of the biggests and most popular trends in the industry today.  People want to make lifelong memories together.  We offer Family Trips for all kinds of people -no matter what their budget.

However if you'd love to consider experiences all over the world -where your children will learn about the world, other cultures & themselves these trips are perfect.  They often get to meet children from other areas of the world as well.  These trips are run by experts in each area you may choose.  We pick the most comfortable & authentic experience possible in each area.  It's more for people looking for 5 Star Experiences rather than 5 Star Resorts.  Let us list the destinations & then you can let your imagination soar.  CHINA, PERU, EGYPT, TURKEY, PORTUGAL,  COSTA RICA, PANAMA, ECUADOR, GALAPAGOS, TANZANIA.  We also offer Art Adventures in many locales for people with a love of the arts.  Some tours are better for younger children & their families -while we do offer Teen trips as well.  For those into sports -we do offer trips with this theme as well.  Rates are a good value for the amazing experiences and memories you'll be sharing.

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