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We recently met with tour guides who take you on a journey in a Land Rover thru various areas of the world.  Trips range from a few weeks to a couple of months.  We were totally impressed with the guides involved.  They had a knowledge of the various areas which was impressive -to say the least.  They combine the adventure aspect, but also want you to be comfortable at the same time.  What we were most impressed with was their attitude -a friendliness and warmth which simply cannot be faked, no matter how much knowledge you may possess.  Some members of the Team actually grew up in some of these countries -which gives an insight beyond study.

The longest route is Istanbul - Beijing -the famous Silk Road.  You really get to both relive the famous past on this trek, but also connect with the various people along the way in today's world.  Other wonderful life experiences incl. South Africa, Ethiopia, Morocco, Cape to Cairo & Peru.  We all love Safaris, but if you're looking for something possibly at the "next level" -something a bit more in depth this is for you.  We bet after you see how they perform you might actually want your own Land Rover when you return -if you don't have one already!

One thing you'll find on these adventures is that the people you meet along the way will most often break any stereotypes you may have about them -they'll also learn about you too.

A Travel Experience you'll treasure for the rest of your life!!!!!!!!!!

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We recently spent the day with many travel companies -learning about their new products & the latest of what's out there for your consideration.  These shows are great -but it's another reason you want to have a good travel agent at your side!  Everyone is going to tell you their's is the best -you should have someone with years of experience and inside info. on what the reality is.

Ask us about Bicycle Trips in Europe and other locations -a whole new view.

Malaysia is known as 1 of the best values and friendliest countries out there -why not also consider Bird Watching in this amazing vibrant country!

Let us help you see the other side of Ireland -incl. Medieval Tours, Castles, Festivals, Music, Religion, Etc.!

Speaking of Religious Travel we offer numerous options to many areas of the world -this is also a wonderful travel option for Family Travel -make memories which will last a lifetime!

We know you've seen the very funny Aruba commercials -we love them.  Well we have all the latest offers on this sunny beautiful & friendly island.  Incl. a Hotel which offers you an almost all incl. option for very little added money.

Whether you're looking for Great Family Travel at Beaches or Super Luxe at Sandals Resorts we've got you covered.  If you really want to splurge ask about your own Butler & a Rolls Ride to your Hotel!  Book 24/7 directly thru our site as an option!

St. Lucia is one of our favorites & be sure to ask us about some amazing properties at great rates!

Celebrate Bermuda's 400 Anniv. with us this year.  Whether you Fly or Cruise there you won't be let down with the amazing beauty of this island.  Ask about our All-Incl. Option & don't miss the Tall Ships Celebration!

Martinique offers a wealth of history, beauty & the most amazing food in the Caribbean -well it's French!

Ask about Our Free Extras at Palace Resorts -book 24/7 click on Dream Vacations on our site!

Ask about some amazing new places to vacation in Puerto Rico -they are just amazing & No Passport!

Be sure to ask about a Religious & Historical Option you can add to your Family Vacation to "The Parks"!

If you want to see Europe in Depth -but would love to do a cruise, river cruising is for you!  Ask us about the best ships in Europe -good values too.  These vessels offer FULL SIZE BALCONIES.  Others DO NOT!

We've been to Prince Edward Island & Love It!  Great People, Landscapes & so much more!  We have access to some great golf trips for you -Watch "Big Break" starting 4/20/09 on the Golf Channel!

Romania offers amazing values in Europe & a very rich History.  Museums abound & Architecture is amazing.  Of course don't miss Dracula's Birthplace -along with the Largest Palace Ever Built -Spas abound as well!

If you'd like some old world Dutch Flavor in the Caribbean Curacao is for you.  We have a number of new Hotels for you to consider & you'll find beauty along with more "urban flavor" and features on this island which celebrates the beauty of Holland.

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