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Here at Royal Cruise World/RCW we're celebrating our 30th Year.  Yes we were the 1st Cruise Agency in the Country -but we've also sold all other products for well over 20 years too.  We recently met with another 30 year old firm which offers worldwide airfares -at great discounts!  They have the experience, volume & relationship with the airlines to offer you values you won't find elsewhere.  Keep in mind too that price is very important, but you also want to talk with someone who knows what they're doing & will be there if you have an issue.  The BIG BOX Travel Stores aren't really often known for service or knowledge.  Did this person start 5 years ago or last week?

We do offer 24/7 booking on our site for air, hotel & car rentals.  Again these fares comes from our partnership with a huge volume travel group.  However for International Fares if you don't find what you're looking for -give us a call & we'll contact our sister 30 year veteran company for your fare.  This particular group only does international air -but we offer terrific domestic fares thru our Flight weblink 24/7.  Same for Hotels & Car Rentals.

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We recently met with our friend's from the British Crown of the Caribbean.  It's often been said Barbados may be slightly more difficult to get to, but a whole lot harder to leave!  This is the time to get some of the best resorts at the best rates in years.  Travel is starting to pick up -so you don't want to wait too long for that bargain of a lifetime.  Of course don't miss our Best of Barbados Promotion -book between 5/1 and 7/15/09 & get many super extras for your super getaway.

For all of our Golf Fans Barbados offers year round playing & some of the best courses in the world -after all Tiger Woods even got married here.

Ask us about Villa's as well.  They offer amazing values in the summer -not to mention service which will spoil you completely.

Barbados is a Foodies Paradise -well The Cliff Restaurant was named one of the Top 50 in the entire world, need we say more.  If you love Thai Food -Zen comes with a huge recc. from those in the know.

There is no waiting to getting married on this beautiful island -making Destination Weddings easier.  The Crane is one of our favorites & of course Sandy Lane is world renowned -offering a spa experience you can't even imagine.

We're always happy to help with your questions & resv.  But please be aware we also offer the option of booking 24/7 on our site.  Just go to our Home Page and all icons in the 24/7 box are ready.  We'll of course follow that up with our personal service!  NOTE: With GOGO VACATIONS -we offer not a price match, but a price beat policy!  All you have to do is email your "better qt." & we'll beat it.  GOGO will also inform you which properties come with their 60 yr. recc.

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Recently we met with Holland America Line & they just keep adding to a product which was always a stand out!  If you wish you'd been around to enjoy the great ships of the past -this line is for you.  While very warm and not stuffy -you are surrounded with rich colors, artwork, antiques, flowers everywhere, oil paintings -etc.

2009 is really a "buyers market" for your trip & Holland America is no different.  We're seeing the best offers in years -incl. Alaska which is always a top choice.  What a great year to make memories with your Family or Friend's.  We offer Theme Voyages, we're glad to create a theme for you and your group, we offer group sailings which you can either join as an individual or we can work with larger groups.  Often Free Cruises can be earned.  We also offer the best rates & extra special perks others won't get when you book with us!  We even can offer Weddings on board -talk about a Grand Location.

We also work with incentive programs -and we even offer an individual incentive option.  If you have an interest in Great Food, Famous Chefs & Great Wine.  We actually offer special programs in the Culinary Arts Ctr. at Sea.  Many of these come with no charge.

Holland America offers cruises all around the world & we also are lucky enough to have sailings directly from Boston as well -incl. cruising to Europe from Boston(ltd. dates).  Holland America has been named Best Value for a number of years in a row & this is very deserved.  This of course incl. their world famous crew and the award winning service they give.

Be sure to ask about Our Special Discounts for Police Officers, Firefighters, Military & Teachers.  Be sure to tell your friend's & family who fit into these categories.

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We recently met with Oceania Cruises & their product just continues to get better and better!  This would be great to say about anyone -however when you realize the line started out with a wonderful product several years ago, need we say more.

The title of this blog is based on that fact that you will feel as though you're visiting a wealthy friend in their estate -when you sail with this line.  This doesn't mean it's stuffy -it isn't.  However the interiors of these ships wear their elegance with great pride & we wouldn't have it any other way.

We applaud this line for their policy of incl. many overnights -adding to your experience in very special places.  They do more of this than many other lines.  We give them high marks in all areas of their product, but their shining star is there cuisine.  Managed by Jacques Pepin -world famous chef.  Be sure to ask us about special voyages where you can meet Jacques & the special perks we'll add to your journey when you book with us!  Conde Nast has given Oceania glowing reports -need we say more.

At the moment we have rates which have never been seen aboard these fine vessels -along with added perks for you.  These amazing rates won't last forever and we strongly recc. you lock them in & give yourself a great experience for MUCH LESS.  But do be assured no cuts have been made in the product, even with these amazing fares.

A new ship is being built currently & will sail soon.  Be sure to ask us about special offers for this Grand Vessel & an event connected to the Boston area.  The sooner you can deposit this event the better rate & also the better choice you'll have -we expect to have this go fast.

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We recently met with our friend's at Regent Seven Seas Cruises.  This Line has always offered an amazing product & great value as well.  But in recent times that value level has even gone to a much higher level!!!!!!

These ships have always been beautiful & the most spacious at sea.  However millions have recently been spent on each ship to make them even more amazing than ever.  I found it hard to believe how they could improve on their ships -but they've made them even better.

Families have found the all incl. nature a great way to plan a great experience.  This year we're offering children sailing FREE in Alaska -one of our most popular family destinations!  You can start earning a FREE cruise for yourself with as few as 10 passengers -so spread the good word, and let us help you have an extra special experience.

As you know Shore Excursions can add quite a bit to the overall cost of the trip -but not to worry.  We've incl. these as well, and this is with no added charge on the cruise fare.  It's the most inclusive cruise on the planet.  While we're on that subject tips are also incl. -along with all drinks, etc.

Considering Asia -How About Business Class for an upgrade of only $999.  AMAZING!!!!!!!!

In 2010 we'll also be offering you the destination of Antarctica.

Also in 2010 you can sail with the stars -Jay Leno, Beach Boys, Mario Batalli, Lydia and others.

We've done a comparison chart with other lines & the facts are realling amazing -let us know if you'd like to see it and we'll be glad to send it to you.

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