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We recently met with our Friend's at TI.  Talk about long term connections & buying power -along with Great Quality and you've found the right provider.  We offer a price match feature & cancel for any reason insurance in partnership with them.  Many of you prefer actual Travel Documents -rather than edocs & with TI your wish is our command.  Also keep these Worldwide Vacations in mind for any Group Travel needs -Destination Weddings, Family Reunions, Girlfriend Getaways, Business Mtgs. -You Name It.!

In Mexico there are many Grand Resorts to choose from -one of our favorites is the Valentin Imperial Maya.  You'll stay in nothing less than a suite in the All Inclusive Resort.  If you like the feel of Rich Warm Colors -this is what we celebrate here.  For those who enjoy a cigar -we do offer a Cigar Bar option at this resort as well.

Whether you choose to book with us over the phone -or if you'd like to book 24/7, just go to our Home Page and click "Dream Vacation".  Of course we'll still be here for you to handle your reservation from there, but we do love offering you an option to book anytime you wish.

If you'd like to pretend you're staying at a Celebrity's Mansion on Turks & Caicos -we strongly suggest the Regent Palms.  It doesn't look or feel like a resort at all -what you're doing is visiting your very wealthy friend!  Talk about an amazing location for a Wedding!!!!!!!!

If you're looking for the combination of a very romantic & unique resort -along with an amazing spa.  Ask us about El Dorado by Karisma.  You'll have an amazing choice of suites for all styles & budgets -you'll also have the option of Super Deluxe Casita Bungalow Suites.  You'll swear you've gone all the way to the South Pacific!  Be sure to ask about our Anniv. Packages & other specials for your trip.  Also be sure to ask how a Bride & Groom can Honeymoon Free.  We can offer you many options for your Wedding Location -but one of our resorts even offers it's own Chapel.

On the beautiful island of St. Lucia -if you'd like a smaller very well run resort, with astounding views we'd suggest Windjammer Landing.  It is low key and very warm -but the views are really what sets it apart.  For a larger resort which welcomes families look at Coconut Bay -we always love something a little different.  For anyone with an interest in Paintball Games -we can arrange a great time on this island.

If you'd like to be a little free this vacation -why not check into Hedonism.  We offer Free Weddings here for that party which might like things a little different.  Variety is the Spice of Life.

As you've seen on TV -we love all the Sandals Resorts.  They just exude Elegance & Fun all in one.  However we do have to admit to a real soft spot for the Royal Bahamian!  If you'd like to feel like Royalty on your vacation this year -give yourself a real treat.  Of course the Beaches Division of the company also gives the same level of service to the Family Market -Enjoy it to the fullest.

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We recently met with a selection of various Cruise Lines which offer a lot of variety for your vacation enjoyment!

Costa sails all the oceans of the world with a proud Italian Heritage behind it!  You may see Roman Statues in the Casino, Marble on the Floor & European Artwork everywhere.  We love the fact that it doesn't look like some other ships -variety is the spice of life.  You'll also get to mix with people from all over the world.  If you've ever thought of visiting Dubai -Costa offers you the best overall value RT from this amazing destination.  Currently you can also sail the Caribbean with that Italian Style -as with all products right now you won't see values like this for years to come.  GO NOW!

Oceania offers you the chance to explore the world from what we like to call your own European Castle!  The onboard style is very friendly & relaxed, but also grand at the same time.  Having a Wedding or Family Reunion aboard any of these beautiful ships -will make the event that much more special.  The cuisine onboard is some of the best anywhere & with Jacques Pepin as their Executive Chef is there really any surprise?  We even have a sailing available with him onboard & you'll have many chances to learn from him.

Crystal is one the the World's Highest Rated Lines.  Not just this year, but for years in a row.  We know an expert who's been on many cruises -since he works with all the lines he'd never state this publicly, but when asked what line is his favorite Crystal is the Winner!  We're offering huge onboard credits, 2 For 1 Fares, Birthday Bonus & Super Family Offers as well.  In addition we have many Theme Sailings for you to choose from = Jazz, Film/Theatre, Wine & Food, Mind/Body/Spirit, President's Cruise, Artists, Anniv. Celeb., Golf, Fashion & Style, Big Band & Science/Technology!  Of course Crystal offers you Worldwide choices -as well as being able to sail all the way around it.

Star Clippers are your chance to Sail Back in Time.  These Grand new sailing ships are the most dramatic ever built & you can choose to sail the Caribbean, Europe & Transatlantic areas.  Can you imagine a Honeymoon on these sailing ships, where you could find a more romantic backdrop than this?  Certainly the same for an Anniv. as well.  In addition what a learning experience for your children to see how the Great Explorers sailed the world in the past!  Now you'll also have all the creature comforts of today & be served as a very valued guest.  We do have wonderful offers -as we mentioned before, and we'd strongly suggest taking advantage of those.

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We recently met with our contacts from Puerto Rico & it was hard not to head to Logan Airport right from the meeting.  Even though we don't want to admit it -the snow will be here soon & now is the time to start thinking of options!  If you want to enjoy the Mall Experience -even on vacation, the Caribbean's Largest is right here with 300 stores.  If you'd like a beautiful resort experience away from the city there are a number of options -but if you're into either golf or spa or both look no further than the Gran Melia.  Another we'd highly suggest is the El Conquistador -part of the Waldorf Astoria Collection(need we say more)!

If you'd like to Vacation in style -but also have an interest in Tennis, check out the Wyndam Rio Mar Beach.  We have special added incentives at this property & most others which will add to the value of your vacation!  Now is the time to travel while these amazing offers are still in place.  As the economy improves the resorts will take them away.  Along that line if you've ever dreamed of vacationing at a Ritz-Carlton, but it's just been "out of reach" -now is the time to do it!  The Hotel here is amazing & we've got some great group rates available for that incentive, business grp., wedding, family reunion, etc.  We're offering several Sheraton Properties with special offers & amenities from us!  This also incl. the W Hotel on Vieques Island -an amazing NEW FIND!

Another place we love is the Rincon Beach Resort -it's secluded away & celebrates a Colonial Puerto Rican Style.  Ask about our Destination Wedding Offer here.  If you'd really like to experience almost staying in a "Friend's Mansion" -look at Ramada Ponce.  Ponce is also a charming city with a huge amount of history & style -well our comment is that this wonderful property supplies that to you as well.  For our Firefighter Friend's don't miss the Museum celebrating your work -we can even arrange Group Events at this Museum.  If you'd still like to visit this area, but are looking for a larger more traditional resort we recc. the Hilton Ponce -for a limited time we're offering Unlimited Golf.  If you'd prefer more of a Villa or Deluxe Apt. option we certainly can help you out there too.

Of course we're always a phone call or email away -but if you want to book any of these 24/7 just go to our website & click "Dream Vacation".  And the best part is you'll still have a pro backing up your vacation.

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We recently met with our Friend's at TNT.  We want to update you on their latest offerings & what sets them apart!  We do offer a 24/7 booking link with them from our site & of course you'll still have our service backing you up as well -rather than being "on your own"!  Of course feel free to call or email us at any time with any questions or bookings you may have.  As the NY TIMES said recently, people are getting very tired of dealing with all the details and thousands of options when it comes to their trip.

TNT is based in Boston & offers specials which have a connection to the city -whether it be regarding special Theme Vacations, Pvt. Charter Flights, Bands at the Airport, Etc.  They also offer a very clear rating system which we've been very happy with.  All resorts are going to tell you they're great -you need to know the facts.  This Fall flying to Barbados got easier with direct flights from Philadelphia & Charlotte.  Group & Family Travel is also made easier with great service directly from Logan -start your vacation there.

The Holiday Inn Jamaica -has just completed millions in renovations & the money really shows.  This resort also offers a wonderful option for a Destination Wedding!  In Aruba if you'd like a suite with your own Kitchen look into the Aruban.  Be sure to ask about our One Cool Honeymoon Promotion in Aruba -YEAR ROUND!  Sometimes we refer to Aruba as "The Floating Beach" -they are very nice.

If you're looking for the most natural & green resort -look no further than the Blau Resort in Punta Cana!  This resort was built around the trees -not the other way around!  We like to refer to Riu Resorts as a European Palace built where ever you may be!  This is true in particular with the Riu Palace segment -we have some great values on these right now.  Also be sure to ask about their Free Wedding Program.  Melia Resorts in Punta Cana offers very nice surroundings & if you'd like to introduce your kids to the Flinstones -they're there as well.  Paradisus Resorts is one of our favorites & the Palma Real is # 1 in our book.  We'd also have to say that Real Resorts also goes far beyond the norm -it just really stands out.

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We recently met with our contacts on this wonderful Spice Island!  The scenery is wonderful on this island or course, but if you're looking for beauty -serenity & friendly people --you've found it in Grenada!  The island does offer many of the standard options for fun -but the unique is what really shines here!  Why not take a Pottery Workshop -or if you're an experience diver you can even dive to the Titanic of the Caribbean!!!!!!!

Grenada offers a number of sailing & yacht festivals throughout the year.  If you can travel this year you'll be given lots of extra perks!  Free Nights, Food & Beverage Credits, Cooking Lessons, 1 Day Free on Rental Cars, 1/2 price admissions & tours!

If you'd like a bright & airy resort on the ocean Mount Cinnamon should fit your style perfectly.  The Grenadian is a Grand Tropical Resort which also offers an All-Inclusive option if you wish.  The Flamboyant Hotel & Villas is a very nice property which offers great values -Scuba & Kid's Programs on property.  Ask about our 2nd week Free Plan -valid ltd. time.  If you're looking for an upscale Spa Experience -LaSource is the right choice for you.  Spec. Singles Rates(ltd. avail.).  Looking for a 5 Star all inclusive -incl. Villas, Private Pools & Superb Service, then Spice Island Beach Resort is your "home away from home"  Blue Horizons really makes you feel as though you're staying at a friend's pretty small estate.

Of course we're always here if you want to call us to talk, book, etc.  But these can also be booked thru our website in the 24/7 area of the Home Page -with several of the booking links, incl. TNT, Dream Vacations, Funjet, etc.

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We recently met with many of our contacts in this Great Destination & wanted to update you on the best of the best!  If you've been you know what we're talking about -however if you haven't been, it's a magical combination of relaxation, excitement, beauty, great people, great food, culture and so much more!  It's really one of our favorites.  There's plenty to do for a full trip or if you sail from Miami on a cruise you should stay a few days -we suggest post cruise, it's better to ease back into "reality".

If you have any interest in Art Deco this is the perfect place.  We suggest an actual tour built around this side of Miami.  Along that same line -why not stay at the Biltmore & be surrounded by it.  If that's not in the budget, consider a visit or brunch at this world famous Hotel.

If you'd like to combine historical decor -with the latest, hippests trends then we'd suggest the Gansevoor.  We promise you it fully lives up to both requests.  Also keep in mind Destination Events & Weddings are another great option for you in Miami -no passports needed of course.

Of course who could think Miami & not think Fontainebleau!!!!  She was always beautiful & a worldwide favorite -but after a 1 Billion Dollar renovation your wish is our command.  Also now is the time to visit -since the values are amazing & not going to last.

We like to say the Loews Hotel is the Beacon of style and quality -without going over the top.  Now on the other hand if you like rich colors & beautiful unique atmospheres don't look any further than Desires Hotels -don't think we've heard a complaint yet!

We have to say the HUGE SHOCK for us was the renovations at the Courtyard by Marriott -while always a fine property, we were blown away by what we saw!  This has to be the best value in the area for an amazing upscale feeling.  Next time I'm in Miami it's very likely you'll see us there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep in mind the world famous Shelborne has many suite options for Families, Groups, Etc.  Some of these are amazing & the rates are a good value for what you are getting.

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