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If a contest were held to determine the most macho Caribbean destination -the Dominican Republic would win hands down.  After all Maxim Magazine even opened their own resort -called Maxim Bungalows, need we say more.  Whether you want to be off the beaten path or are looking for large resorts in Punta Cana -we've got it all covered for you.

You can enjoy: Cigar Bars, Amazing Baseball, Gambling, Horseback Riding, Shooting, Great Golf and very Friendly People -not to mention some Great Food too.  You can even enjoy a great Old Fashioned Barber Shop experience -one of them follows it up with a visit to a steam room.  How about climbing 1 or all 27 waterfalls in the country -mountain biking is another option.  Racing dune buggy's is a good option if you like your fun motorized.

We're here to help in any way we can -but if you'd like to check offers & even book 24/7, we can offer that as well.  We suggest checking one of our Tour Operator Links on our Home Page.  You'll find the best rates with their huge buying power & you still get our great service and knowledge after over 3 decades in the business.  Check out TNT or "Dream Vacations".

Oh, by the way Women will also love this destination as well.  It really offers something for everyone!

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We recently met with our friend's at GOGO WORLDWIDE VACATIONS!  They are one of the largest Tour Wholesalers in the world & you know we'll be able to offer you the best values -almost anywhere in the world, with this huge buying power.  In addition they also offer great service & quality in their Tours!  Royal Cruise World/RCW Travel will beat any price on the same trip as well.  Why pay the same & settle for so much less service and knowledge -this is what you get with the "Big Box Travel Stores".  As reported in the NY TIMES recently a majority of people are getting tired of doing all the "leg work" for their vacations -but are now looking for good agents to help them out.

If you'd like to experience luxury, but with a modern twist -look no further than Royal Playacar!  It's a great time to experience this top notch destination.  Rates are very favorable right now & be sure to ask about our special offers.

For those who want to vacation "on the edge" -why not consider Temptation Resort for Adults only & for Couples Only look into Desire Resort.  If your passion is Golf -consider Crown Paradise Resort in Puerto Vallarta & the Golf is on us!!!!!!  On the other hand if you'd like to pretend you are vacationing in a Mayan Palace we'd suggest the Select Club by Sandos in Playa Del Carmen.  If you'd prefer to stay in a Mexican Palace instead we'd suggest the Sandos Riviera -no matter what level you book with us, it'll be a suite!

If you'd like to explore Mazatlan -why not consider the magnificent Riu Emerald Bay Hotel, it'll take your breath away.  Go to our Home Page & click on our GOGO Link.  You'll see all the worldwide destinations we can offer you & you'll also see our great rates.  BUT should you find a lower price anywhere -for the same trip, we'll not just match it but beat it for you!!!!!!!!

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We recently met with our friend's at Voyages of Discovery.  This is a perfect product if you want a smaller ship, great values, good quality & time to really explore the areas you're visiting!

On most of her worldwide voyages if you book by 2/1/10 you'll save 20% off their already great rates -but also have airfares from only $199. - $399.pp.  If you've looked at airfares recently you've seen how high they can be, even for a simple Florida fare -let alone someplace like Egypt, etc.!

Along with many options all across Europe -why not consider the British Isles Heritage Trail or a real change of pace when you visit Greenland & Iceland.  One of the features we love about this company is Hotel stays incl. both before your voyage and after.  We often have experts aboard to give you even more information on the various places we'll be visiting.  The crew is known for their warmth & great level of personal service.  We often offer great savings to singles & there are dance hosts onboard to add to your fun as well(certain trips).  We even incl. a Safari in your fare -when you book these sailings.  In addition to the Med. -you can choose India, Asia, Africa and so much more.  You can also combine voyages & save even more, for that ultimate travel experience.

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