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As you enjoy watching the great events unfolding during these Winter Olympics -why not consider going to the Vancouver area for your vacation this year!  We don't need to tell you much about the obvious beauty you're seeing on the screen -we can only say it's just "so much more" when you're actually there.  The options we can offer you in the area are nearly endless.  Try not to miss Victoria -a real standout.

Of course a huge number of ships sail from Vancouver taking you to the beauty of Alaska.  This is a great year to enjoy this state -we have some great offers & some new products for you to choose from.  We highly recc. if you do a cruise that you should spend a few days in the Vancover area as well.  Beautiful Whistler is only a short ride away & yet you feel a million miles away from the Big City -we can also arrange for you to take a great train there instead of driving(we've done it & highly recc. it).  Speaking of Trains -why not consider one of the most famous ones in the world, Rocky Mountaineer.  The scenery is some of the most magnificent anywhere & you really do travel in style.  We have a number of routes from which you can choose in the Canadian Rockies.  Currently we're offering some extra special values for your Early Booking.

We do work with one of the largest & oldest tour operators in Canada.  This means whatever type of tour you'd like to experience we can handle it for you.  We also have access to the largest buying power in the Canadian Market.  Also keep in mind these trips for a Family Vacation, Group Trip, Reunion, Wedding & any other celebration you may be considering.

So continue to enjoy the Games this month -but remember no matter how great your Big Screen TV is, it can't compare to actually being there.

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I think for most of us it's a combination of getting a change, a new perspective, relaxing, having fun & maybe meeting some new people!  Studies have clearly shown that people who do take at least 1 vacation a year do have superior overall health to those who don't!  We've also found that sometimes when one is away from the office -some of the best ideas actually come to you.  I agree with a comment I saw recently about "collecting travel experiences"!  Travel is something we can spend our money on which often gives us "lifetime memories" -rather than consumer goods, which sooner or later break -go out of fashion or become obsolete!

We work with all of the major suppliers & want to choose the best product for you.  If you're very happy with it -you'll come back to us for our expertise!  We do offer the same rates as booking direct will offer you -but we do want you to keep something in mind.  What company of any kind(incl. travel) -isn't going to tell you that they're the greatest?  You need someone in the industry -on your side, giving you the latest information & follow up.  Things change in this industry on an ongoing basis -what may have been true a year ago, may not be the case now!

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We had a chance to experience the JEWEL OF THE SEAS recently & as always she really stands out as a great member of the Royal Caribbean fleet!  For those spa lovers out there -this one is among the best we've seen.  For ocean lovers don't worry there are windows everywhere for you to enjoy the sea -even from glass elevators.  You also have a chance to choose a pool fitting your mood as well -either full of activity or very laid back.  If you like to Rock Climb -we can offer that to you, or if you'd rather play a game of billiards the tables await.

Our Children's Program is among the best & there are numerous options for them as well.  We now offer the choice of set Dining with new friend's & the same waiter or Anytime Dining where you can vary it all as much as you wish.  At Royal Cruise World we often have Group Sailings where you'll get better rates & more perks.  This can be used by a whole Group or just the 2 of you.  Don't forget the JEWEL sails from Boston in the Fall -incl. a Caribbean sailing & we have groups on these sailings.

Of course we handle all of the great ships of RCCL -incl. the world famous OASIS OF THE SEAS!  Whether you call us or happen to book thru our website(24/7) -we'll still be here to make your vacation the best it can be.  You deserve it!  Also we do honestly feel the line with the most innovative designs in the main market would be RCCL.  When you can even ice skate in the Caribbean -watch out.  The OASIS is a magnificent ship & an experience not to be missed.  But for those who want a different experience -why not upgrade your stateroom on another RCCL ship to match the "high demand" rates currently on the OASIS.  Talk about having even more fun -you might end up in a Suite or something.  We've sailed in everything from an inside to a top suite over the years -I'd always go no matter what, but there is a big difference in the experience the higher the category.

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