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We recently met with our friend's from these magnificent South Pacific Islands!  This area has always been a romantic dream for most people -but now is the time to travel there.  Offers which have never been seen here before are there for the enjoying now!  Some of the scenery is close to the most beautiful in the world.

As usual we can assist you with personal travel -while also being specialists with group travel of all sizes.  We'll even match the experience to the interests of your group -no matter what they are!  We can also offer you many cruise options along with great resorts as well.  We can offer you anything from a 5 Star Ship to a Freighter -not to mention the option of your own yacht.

We have connections in the islands to give you the latest information -from people "on the ground".  Not only are the rates a great value right now, but in addition we have children free offers & everything from free breakfasts to meal incl. plans.  We're not going to kid you -food in Tahiti is very expensive, this equals a great savings.

There are many great resorts to enjoy & many of them offer over water bungalows -this really is an amazing experience and well worth it for your time in these islands.  We can tell you the benefits of various properties.  We also have access to a resort incl. a private island with bungalows on it.  For that very special Group Trip, Incentive or Wedding Event -we can actually book the island for you!  The cost is not as high as you might think & we have special offers if your schedule is somewhat flexible.

Of course call us anytime with any plans you wish to make -you can also check our website 24/7 & click either "Dream Vacations" or Pleasant Holidays and not only can you review endless options -but you can also book anytime you wish.

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We recently met with our friend's from Indian Tourism & a number of experts within the country itself!

Need we say more about the variety of things to experience -when we can offer you the chance to join a Leopard Tracking tour!  Talk about natural beauty.  We can also arrange specialized tours for whatever your interest -or your groups interest might be!  We can even arrange private jet service if that's something you might consider.

India is known worldwide for having some of the most beautiful hotels in the world.  To add to this we can offer a "Royal Welcome" which you just won't believe!  Similar "Grand Events" can also be tailored for a Wedding, or any other Life Event.  We can even hold these events at your own Palace -in addition some of these events are more affordable than you might imagine.

If you want to include beautiful beaches in your journey -be sure to include Goa on your trip.  We also can easily add the dramatic country of Sri Lanka to your trip.

As we've mentioned before Great Hotels abound in India -among the best would be Taj Hotels.  If you want to feel as though you're a King or Queen -these are the places to stay!  Taj now has a number of Hotels here in America & we highly recc. you considering those!  We're lucky to have a Taj in Boston & she's one of our favorites!  If you can't swing India this year -let us give you a taste of their grandeur right here.

Why not explore Yoga  & Wellness while touring India -we can help you!  We also can give you a list of special events in the country -which you can add to your trip.  Who doesn't love Trains -well we prefer to call them Grand Hotels on the Rails in India.  We have a number of options for you to consider.  We even have the option to visit certain Tribes of India -talk about getting close to the people.

If you want to upgrade your vehicle a bit we can even offer you a Hummer experience -as well as the more traditional options!

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We recently met our Friend's with Dominican Republic/Punta Cana Tourism & TNT Vacations -New England's Tour Company.

We always knew that this destination does provide high return for your dollar -but we were both suprised & thrilled to learn that regarding any Group.  Wedding, Business, Incentive, Family Reunion, Etc. -this destination is 20 - 25% less in cost to your group than other Caribbean Destinations!  That's an amazing value & with numerous All Inclusive Options the values become even more amazing.  This independent study should be of great interest for your Group.

We offer well over 30 yrs. experience treating our clients as friend's & not reservation numbers!  TNT Vacations offers Charter & Special Flight Options for you as well.  We even provide entertainment at the airport -prior to boarding your flight.  Know anyone else who does that?  You can check Options, Pricing & even make a reservation 24/7 just by clicking our TNT Link.  Many ask us why not just book directly with the Supplier -we offer more personal service, the pricing is the same & since we deal with many suppliers we can be more honest with you about any glitches which may be going on with ANY OF THE SUPPLIERS OUT THERE!!!!!!!!

Ask about Our "Green Resort" -at this Great Destination!

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