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We recently met with many travel suppliers at a conference of Professional Travel Agents.  As usual we like to pass on to you some of the latest updates -so you can start dreaming of your next getaway!

If the thought of exploring the Caribbean aboard your private catamaran is a dream come true -we have a great new product for you.  With only 4 - 5 staterooms you very easily could charter the vessel for a journey with your family or friend's!  For all the great inclusions & experiences the cost is a great value.

When you travel anywhere it's always great to have a local as your guide.  We have two new companies which offer this both in Africa & China!  Whether you are one couple or a group we'll be able to assist you with this very special trip!  One journey will immerse you in the path of Nelson Mandela.  We even can offer you a trip which focuses on the African Migration.  If you're a climber this is another life experience we can suggest.  If you've always loved trains -well some of the best are here too.  In China we can also offer you some very personal & unique experiences.  Speaking of trains -how about incl. one on your magical journey to Tibet.  If you're a Nature Lover we can offer a trip focusing on these aspects of the area.  Of course you've all heard of The Silk Road and it's waiting for you.  Custom Tours are also available -whether you want to explore the Gardens of China or follow the Pandas!

Gogo Tours is one of the largest tour operators in the world -with a buying power to match!  These tours are only sold through professional agents.  We wanted to highlight the fact of offering Spa, Golf & Luxury Vacations Worldwide in partnership with them.  The budget levels for these trips offer a wide range -to meet whatever you may be looking for.

If your School or Group might be looking for Spring Break Getaways -we can offer you all the best locations & events.  Just let us know what you're looking for and we can provide you with the best details.

Of course you've all seen the Sandals ads on TV & elsewhere.  They do offer an amazing product on all levels.  Some of the most amazing suites anywhere as well.  We can assist you with a Destination Wedding almost anywhere in the world -but if you'd like to have the touch of Martha Stewart for your Big Day, well then your choice is Sandals!  Not only can you review all options 24/7 directly from our Sandals Link, but you can also make a booking anytime that's convenient for you.  In addition you still get our personal service to back it up.

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