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We know you've heard the radio ads for TNT Vacations & we recently met with them concerning the latest for 2011.  You can fully review all options & features on our home page -also you can book anything 24/7 as well, while still getting our personal service and many years of experience.

One of the great features offered here is the very clear rating system -all options are shown from 2 - 6 "Sun's" let's you know the level you can expect.  We also are glad to give you our personal opinion as well -after all this is our industry!  Whether you're considering a trip for 2 or for 200 we can help you out -for a Wedding or Incentive Trip, it's all here.  Of course with a Group you'll get many extras sent your way.

A 125% rate guarantee - Charter & Regular Flight options -Even a special "send off" at the airport & much more.  Of course with a Charter Flight you're going to be on a Direct Non-Stop route -after all you're all heading to the same destination, it get's the vacation mood started from take-off.

As we mentioned you'll find ratings on all properties offered -but we wanted to mention just a few of our favorites.  Real Resorts always stand out in a great way with true elegance -but with some fun thrown in & very much the feel of the destination as well.  They also offer a glass enclosed chapel overlooking the ocean for your Wedding or Renewal -it really is outstanding.  We describe Riu Resorts as a grand combination of tropical & Spanish elegance!  One of our favorites is the Riu Palace Mexico in Playa Del Carmen.  Majestic Resorts offer great quality & value to guests -however we feel the rooms are one of the standouts of this choice.  The Jewel Resort at Dunn's River in Jamaica is another standout -not only are you at a beautiful Caribbean Resort, but also one with a taste of Italy as well.  If you love Golf & would like to vacation in real style at real values -why not consider Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda.  Till the end of March get every 3rd Night Free, book a 2nd room for your children at 1/2 price & enjoy the Golf Programs available to you at this magnificent hilltop resort.  Divi Resorts in Aruba offers children a Free Vacation up to 17 staying with their parents -year round!  You can also use the facilities of the other Divi Resorts as well.

Remember look/book 24/7 from our site with TNT VACATIONS -we'll be here to help you anytime!

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We recently met with our friend's from these magnificent islands -it is a destination which you shouldn't miss.  Also if you come for a visit we're sure you'll be back.  Many have compared this region to a combination of Hawaii & Europe -how could anyone have complaints about that "marriage"?

There are numerous spas for those who want to renew -while on vacation!  There's plenty to do here, but rushing is never demanded of you.  It's really amazing you can find deserts & lush areas on this small island!  Of course need we remind you of their experience with wines here.  You'll also find many connections to very famous explorers here -including Christopher Columbus.  Being on the main Shipping Routes you can find history of many famous people who've not only visited but also lived here as well.  We also find the people are so warm and welcoming to Americans and visitors from around the world.  It's also a wonderful place to do an Incentive Program, Business Mtg., Wedding, Etc.  There are so many beautiful places to hold your special event!

You'll have the chance to experience many beaches.  One part of the island has the most hours of sunshine in a year of almost any area in the world!  The climate is temperate -in the winter it can be very nice & if it happens to be a little cool there's always the numerous golf courses to keep you busy.  Parts of the islands interior look exactly like the Arizona desert.  The food is wonderful -if you're a fan of seafood, it's hard to match how good it is.

At night you have many options to choose -even incl. a Casino if you want to take a spin with Lady Luck.  Many Festivals also take place throughout the year as well.  There are many beautiful Hotels & Resorts to stay at -but we have to let you know about 3 of our favorites!  The Cordial Mogan Playa has to be one of the most unique places we've seen.  It shows off luxury, but with so much color -fun & style -it's just amazing.  If you want to pretend your visiting your rich friend's in their seaside palace -the Lopesan Villa Del Conde is just right for you.  But if you'd like the same luxury, with a little more lowkey style -we suggest the Lopesan Costa Meloneras.  Here you even have a Casino at the ready for you.(Maybe you can extend your stay -with the Winnings!).

These days people are looking for easier travel.  Well we've got you covered with SATA flights directly from Boston.  It only takes you 4 hours to get there & we promise you it will be worth it.

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We met with MSC earlier this year here in Boston -MSC is a quickly expanding Italian Cruise Line owned by the 2nd largest containership company in the world.  Secondly we had a chance to tour their ship POESIA again here in Boston during one of her Foliage Sailings.  Each of these steps seemed to give us more confidence in the product, but felt personal inspection was really needed.  Online reviews have been very varied for this company -but they do offer many unique features which might be of interest to our customers?

We just got back from a 7 Day Caribbean Cruise and I have to say I don't understand what some of these reviewers are talking about?  First of all the ship is beautiful.  The wife of the owner does the decor & while it's very comfortable -it's also very elegant and classy.  They also throw in a little fun -like the Zebra Lounge, but it's still pulled off with great style.  I had a larger balcony -their version of a mini suite.  Very roomy & a nice change with darker richer colors as well.  All ships pay great attention to cleanliness -however don't think I've ever seen it quite taken so far!  Incl. shampooing hallway carpets on an ongoing basis -really amazing.  The windows in the Lido Restaurant were always sparkling clear -some other companies should take note of this!

The crew was very friendly & helpful, but did seem to have a bit more reserve than some lines -suspect the European training.  I found the food to be very good -with the obvious 1 or 2 items in a week which I would've preferred made slightly different.  But as the old saying goes "One doesn't Travel to find things just as they are At Home"!

I wonder if some of the complaints stem from multiple languages?  MSC tried to minimize this, but even though over here most passengers are English Speaking.  Other passengers need to understand what's being said as well.  It's part of being on an International Product -but you also get a chance to meet people from different parts of the world as well.  Every show I saw had an interesting situation -parts of each show were OUTSTANDING & then the other part would be acceptable.  It wasn't that anyone was bad -just that some of them were so far superior it pointed that out.  The spa product seemed to be amazing from what I heard.  There is a Cigar Lounge for those who wish to smoke & have a drink.

MSC offers ships all around the world.  They always let children cruise Free anywhere in the world -staying in their parents room, of course.  Theme Cruises we can offer incl. Baseball, Big Band, Classical & many others.  If your group would like to create a theme of your own we can help you out with that.  We'll also be able to offer you even better pricing & onboard added perks!  We also have a contract with this company to sell shore excursions, spa treatments in advance -so you don't have to wait in line onboard.

We currently have some amazing offers -don't you want to take a break from this cold weather?  These values are also a great time to upgrade your experience with a better room.  When I'm slogging thru the snow I recall having breakfast on my balcony looking at the waves the ship is making as she cruises to the next port.

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Grand Europe -At a Bargain Rate!
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We recently met with our friend's from "The European Quartet"!  Incl. Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland & Slovakia.  The beauty of these countries is amazing, far beyond what you might think.  Not to mention values which outstrip the rest of Europe.

The Spas & Health Clubs are world famous & will add a great deal to your vacation.  If you dream of Knights & Palaces there are many celebrations in a medieval style to enjoy.  Many river cruises do include this area.  But after you've visited we're sure you'll want to stay even longer.

Slovakia offers a wonderful combination of modern design & centuries old churches and palaces.  There are huge mountain ranges which can be fully enjoyed -winter or summer.  It's also called The Hockey Republic -many players have come to the NHL from this country.  In fact the Bruins had a game opener in this great country.  For all hockey fans it's a great place to go -they really love the sport there.

Regarding your choice of Hotels -you can have the most modern anywhere, or find yourself in a fully renovated castle -we even have a former hunting lodge which is just amazing.

Who wouldn't like to visit the Brewery Museum -sign me up.  Keep in mind we can arrange special tours for a group of any size -if you see something which really stands out for you!  Now if you feel the need for some redemption -the area offers some of the worlds most beautiful churches.  These reflect almost all religions as well.

Budapest has always been a hub of style -great food in the traditional sense & so much more.  We can also offer variations such as auto racing.  The Opera. The largest year round indoor Aqua Park in Central Europe.  We feel it's a very magical place -Houdini was from here, but we don't think you'll want to "escape it".  For those into Military History the area offers an endless history lesson for you.  Some of the Spas are really as though you've gone back in time -regarding their beauty & service.  We also offer trips with a Theme -incl. Golf, Hunting & Fishing.  We have tours highlighting the music of Franz Liszt -incl. the anniv. coming up.  Of course in Poland Chopin is celebrated as well.  For Soccer Fans the World Cup will be in Poland in 2012 -the earlier you book the better the rates.

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