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We recently met with our friend's at 2 of the most experienced tour companies around -they also offer a great value, no matter what price point you're looking at!  Of course we offer the direct rates -but you also get our service backup at no additional cost.

Gogo offers tours all around the world -but we're going to pick a few very special options to showcase for you at this point.  If you're a climber we have a Mt. Everest Tour -which will give you much insight into the history of this area, the beauty & some of the excitement for you to experience as well.  Why not consider putting yourself in the beauty of wintertime Russia.  We've even incl. an overnight train trip -so you can fancy yourself in a very famous movie of the past, can anyone say Omar Shariff.  Speaking of Russian History -we offer a behind the doors tour of the KGB!  Many of you will find this very interesting -but for anyone who's a Police Officer or a member of the Military, it's got your name written all over it.  Talk to your friend's -we'd be glad to put together a Special Tour for your Group!  Combining both Russia & China(Mongolia) -why not consider our Genghis Khan tour.  Follow in the path of History -you'll find it a most interesting journey.  As we mentioned before we're always glad to custom design a tour for your special interest group -no matter what the theme is!

Goway offer tours to many destinations -but again we'll pick out some very interesting options & also some great offers too.  The Tahitian Islands are probably the most beautiful in the world -but we're thrilled to offer you the option of incl. meals.  Food is quite expensive in this magnificent but remote location.  Of course it's an option -you don't have to do this if you don't wish to.  Why not consider the very unique combination of amazing Dubai & the beautiful island of Mauritius.  The combination of the dramatic & remote is very rare and one we highly suggest.  Also the rates are far more reasonable than you'd think!  Now moving on to New Zealand & Australia.  For those who love Trains both countries offer a number of options for your enjoyment.  Trains are also a great venue for any type of Group Event.  If you really want to be the "Captain of Your Ship" -why not consider renting a motorhome with us -you get to control all aspects of the pace and direction of your exploration!  Speaking of cruising -there are also numerous options for voyages in this area as well.

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Well if that's your dream -have we got the answer for you!  Just choose St. Kitts -one of our personal favorites.  We like the familiar but with unique items added -to make your vacation more of an exploration.  It's the only island with a working Train route.  What a great way to explore & see more of your destination, along with the beaufiful Caribbean Sea.  When we book you at Ottley's Plantation Inn -that's when you'll feel as though you're really being served.  You can choose to stay in The Great House or the Stone Cottages spread around the estate.  The Cottages even have private plunge pools.  For those who enjoy a Cigar -you can find a huge selection on St. Kitts, incl. Cuban -for your enjoyment!

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