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We recently met with our Friend's from Ft. Lauderdale.  Why not consider this very varied, beautiful & fun destination not far from home!  The area offers an amazing choice in Hotels for your trip.  We're offering Free Nights, Upgrades and other special add-ons at a number of the best places.  You can even book a number of these right from the 24/7 section of our Home Page -just click "Dream Vacation".

We even have very special offers at the very Hot W Hotel.  A favorite of the stars -why not put yourself there as well?  You never know who you might meet at the pool.

If you happen to be taking a cruise along with your stay we offer a number of Hotels which offer parking & shuttle service to the pier.  Check with us for details.  If Golf is your thing the options are almost endless for you!  One of our favorites is the Westin Diplomat -check with us on our offers.  Even if you have rented a car from us -don't miss out on the famous Water Taxi.  It really offers you amazing views & ease in getting around, as well as being more informed.

If you want to add some Gambling Excitement to your trip -don't miss out on the Hard Rock Hotel.  Maybe you'll walk out of there with your next trip paid for.  If you happen to be in the area during the season -why not check out a Hockey Game with the Florida Panthers.  You never know if you time it right you could always be cheering on the Bruins -while you're on a warm sunny vacation(what a great combo).  For those into fishing -don't miss the Fishing Hall of Fame -you'll get hooked.  On the other hand if catching bargains is more what you're into -the Sawgrass Mills await you with endless options.

As I post this on the 1st Day of Spring & it's snowing -need I say more why you should make Ft. Lauderdale your next getaway.

Your Friend's at RCW


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Having been in the Travel Business for many years we know who the "real players" are.  Which ones have a good product & offer you good value for your vacation dollar.  Like anything else anyone can offer a cheap price, but if the quality of the trip is poor -it wasn't really a value at all.

We recently met with one of the oldest & largest operators to Italy and Europe.  We know many of the Executives at this company -and that relationship has gone back a number of years.  This means we can offer you many options for your individual needs.  This group knows Italy as their homeland -they also have much experience with a number of other European destinations.  We can offer you a fully escorted vacation, one totally on your own -or something in between.  We can even offer you trips with your own private guide & car -for those very special events.  Our options incl. everything from Cooking Trips, Cruises, Religious Excursions -even Villa & Castle rentals(now talk about an event!).  Whether it's for 2 or a group we have experience handling it all -we can even custom design a tour to fit exactly what you're looking for.

We do offer center city hotels & dining in special restaurants and not always the hotel.  With all this we still offer great value.  If you're into Art we have some wonderful tours which you'll really enjoy.  Why not consider a Honeymoon in Italy -the inventors of Romance.  We can prebook excursions you may have interest in once you're there -so you don't have to bother yourself with this during "vacation time".  Amongst our offerings of Religious Journeys in Italy and Europe as a whole -we also offer Jewish Heritage in Poland.

We'd love the chance to offer you and your group a very unique experience to remember.

Your Friend's at RCW