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If you'd like a new destination -which offers friendly people, history, great food & shopping, amazing architecture and huge variety Morocco is a place which should be high on your list!  We recently met with a number of Hotels & Tour Operators from the home of Casablanca.

We have contacts "on the ground" -who can offer anything from an organized tour all the way up to a custom trip for you, or a large group as well.  When Americans visit this exciting destination -the response is very positive, it turns out to be so much more than they were expecting.

As you know we like to focus on unique properties & Morocco has to have 1 of the highest number of hotels which fall into this category.  The Kenzi Farah -which offers the largest green/garden area of any, not to mention a beautiful hotel overall in Marrakech.  The Club Agdal is a wonderful All-Inclusive Resort for those who want this style of vacation.  Ask us about a property where each Suite is 3000 Sq. Ft. & comes with unique decor just for you -doesn't everyone deserve a Palace once in their lives?    If you'd like the same style -but at lower price point & size.  The Hivernage Hotel & Spa is magnificent.  In Fes we have a beautiful Boutique Hotel -which is amazing.  There are only 8 Rooms in the property -it would be very easy to take the Hotel over for a small Wedding, Anniv., Reunion, etc.  Just let us know what your plans are -as always when you book with us we take the time to arrange something special at your Hotel when you arrive.  It pays to have contacts & our rates are the same as direct.

Almost no matter what you're looking for in activities & atmosphere you can find it in Morocco -even snowboarding, so why not "Find Yourself in Morocco"!

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Recently we met with our friend's from Hilton Corp.  Your 1st name doesn't have to be Paris to be treated like a star!  We're lucky to have one of the groups highest rated hotels right here in Boston.  Doubletree Suites in Boston on the Charles River has won numerous awards -we highly recc. choosing that great location for your needs in the area.

Along the same line I have to admit that one of my favorite Hilton Brands would be Embassy Suites.  Who doesn't love more room to stretch out.  Also both the full breakfast & afternoon cocktails -are very nice perks whether your journey is personal or business related.  You also are getting more for your money in our opinion -today everyone is looking at that value factor.

Of course if you're looking for the ultimate in Luxury -The Waldorf Astoria Collection is where you want to look.  We have special connections to this brand as well.  If you book your stay with us -we'll be sure to add some special perks for you, as well as our personal service backup(most important).

Hilton has added many beautiful properties to the Group -covering various styles of service for you.  We did want to inform you if you're going to Cinicinnati we'd highly recc. the Netherland Plaza property!  An amazing Art Deco Gem.  Whether it is for the 2 of you -or for a big event, we'd love to help you enjoy this Grand Hotel to the fullest.

You can call us anytime with a request -we also have a 24/7 bookable Hotel link on our home page.  This is next to the Air & Car Rental Link.  We also have connections with a Hotel Wholesaler -with a price match policy as well.

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We recently met not only with The Irish Tourist Board, but also with numerous suppliers from that wonderful country.  This incl. a number of Tour Operators who've been in the region for many, many years!  Of course we offer all options from independent travel to escorted tours & everything in between.  We have huge buying power -but also personal connections to deliver unique experiences.  Why not get the "Best of Both Worlds".

The ads you hear about Ireland are all true.  People come here for the History, Friendly People, Fun, Family Stories, Castles, B & B's & so much more.  Whether you come as a Couple, Family Reunion, Wedding, Life Event, Golf or any other reason -we'll be here to "back you up".  Isn't the ability to relax a big part of a vacation, we'll be able to help you do that!  Why pay the same & "Get Less"?

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