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We always like showing great products & values for our clients.  After all it's what we like for our own travel as well.  "Treat Others as you'd like to be Treated"!

We just met with a new connection in Italy.  We do have various suppliers we work with for travel to this great, varied country.  Each one offers us a specialty which will please various clients in different manners.  Our job is to match you to the product which will please you most.

This company has almost a century of experience within Italy.  We feel this company offers very unique tours & also offers great value doing that.  Among the many options are Rail Tours throughout this beautiful country.  You can choose an escorted or independent tour as well.  We even can offer private chauffeur tours -at a reasonable price for all that's included.  We also choose centrally located Hotels as well -you don't want to be taking long taxi rides to be where you really want to be!

Groups are a specialty of our's -therefore if ANY Group Event would be enhanced by being in Italy, we can design an experience for your Event.  AT NO EXTRA FEE.

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We recently met with various tour operators & hoteliers from this destination.  We offer a very special deal if you're flexible in where you stay -we guarantee the Rating of the resort.  You can save big with this arrangement -I'd do it in a heartbeat for my own vacation as well.  Many people say it even adds a little to the excitement of the trip & who doesn't love the excitement of saving big money.

One of our favorites is the Valentin Imperial Maya -in Riviera Maya.  The reasons for me is that you feel as though you're staying at a friend's Grand Estate.  In fact it is one of the few properties like this still run by a family business.  The warmth not only of the property, but of the staff is great.  You also have numerous options when it's time to dine or choose entertainment.  To me it just exudes class and quality, without being stuffy in any way.

Palace Resorts is very high on our list as well.  We've had clients go and been very happy with it.  However I had a chance to visit one of their resorts in December & I was totally blown away.  It was so much nicer than I even expected!  The physical resort was very nice & well maintained.  This is very important -however it was the service level which was "out of this world".  Many places I've been should send their people to Palace for training -it was perfect in almost anyway I could judge it.  I also have to say that the food was very, very good as well.  I like all the resorts -while I have a soft spot for the Adventura Spa Palace.

If you want to book 24/7 with us go to our homepage & click on "Dream Vacation" -all of these properties & many others will be there.  We also have a Price Match feature as well.

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