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We recently had the pleasure of meeting with our contacts at Disney Corp. -we were told Mickey was on vacation(secret location)!

Many of you may not be aware that Disney now offers Adventures in many place around the world.  It's a wonderful quality product which stays true to the high level of service and quality Disney is known for.  It's perfect for families -incl. multi generational as well.  These tours are quite inclusive as well.  They really get you in touch with the destination -but if you want characters, you'll have to partake of their other products.  Single Parents have also told us it's a perfect experience for them as well.

Disney Cruise Line has just added the magnificent Dream to their fleet.  Can anyone say glass coaster which goes out over the ocean!!!!!!!!  You can enjoy Disney style in Alaska, the Med, Mexico, Transatlantic & the Caribbean of course.  This Fall children cruise Free with their parents in Mexico -many dates incl. 2 Days in Cabo San Lucas(excl.).  In 2012 for the 1st time Disney will be sailing from NYC.  This will give many of you the chance to experience Disney -without the added cost of air.  We're a Group Specialist -we recc. if you'd like to celebrate Any Group Event on these sailings -book soon, they are filling quickly.  You can choose Nowhere, Canada or the Bahamas & Disney World.  We have 1 Hawaii Cruise from California with ltd. space -but what a great way to see Hawaii.

Disneyworld & Disneyland -what do we need to say?  There's always something new to come back and see.  Many clients have told us Animal Kingdom feels like you're on Safari right here in the States.  Our new Hawaii Hotel will be opening soon as well.  If you've always wanted to be a Pirate or a Princess -we can even offer you themed rooms to make that come true.  Currently special offers are out there for Summer/Fall Travel.  Of course we're here to give you great service -but if you want to book 24/7 from out site this is also available on our Home Page.  We'll still be here to service your needs!

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