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We recently met with our friend's at Avalon Waterways & Princess Cruises.

River Cruising is growing by leaps and bounds -all around the world.  It's like having your own private inn which docks in some of the most amazing places in the world.  You'll have plenty of time to really explore these destinations.  Ask about very special offers we can give you!

Avalon has the youngest fleet in river cruising.  Some of the largest staterooms in this sector.  If you like modern warm luxury -without being stuffy this line is for you.  7 ft. windows let in light -as well as some of the best views anywhere!  We have theme sailings incl. Wine, Art, History, Politics, Music & Jewish Heritage.  If you're sailing solo we have some dates with NO SURCHARGE.

Princess offers a wonderful quality product -and great value!  It's the only major line which can offer you anything from the latest Mega-Ship all the way to a Boutique Grand Hotel product.  You can also choose any destination in the world or you can sail all the away around the world -for that trip of a lifetime.  Princess also combines grand beauty with simple comfort -nothing is overdone.  One of our favorite things is the Sanctuary -ask us about it.

Remember:  "A Travel Agent is Your Advocate"

Your Friend's at RCW