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We recently met with our friend's from the Tourist Office there.  How could anyone look at the soaring Pitons and not know that this place is special.  Therefore seriously consider it for your next warm weather getaway or group celebration!

We offer 24/7 bookable options for you -just go to our Home Page & click Dream Vacation.  You'll still get our personal service of course -but you can also look at endless options for your trip right there.  Of course if you prefer to contact our office -we're here for you as well.  We offer a price match feature -among our insurance products is a Cancel for Any Reason policy too.  You can also check out/book a large selection of Villas directly from here as well.  These can be perfect for a big event, family reunion or a destination wedding -of course we offer all of these at fine resorts as well, but you'll have total control over options at a Villa.

We'd like to highlight 2 properties which stood out for us this time.  Windjammer Landing offers many of the great qualities which you look for in a well run property -however they've also won several awards for outstanding treatment of their staff.  A happy staff member = a happy atmosphere & satisfied guests!

LAderA offers on 23 suites -overlooking the Pitons and a design which is outstanding.  You could actually take over the entire resort with less than 50 people.  Talk about a unique experience.

Of course we do offer many options -no matter what your taste & budget might require.  Again, click Dream Vacation on our home page and you'll see it all -with us as your advocate.

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We know you hear the commercials about why you should consider Ireland as a very special vacation -for everyone & they are right.  We have contacts directly on The Emerald Isle, not to mention that we put the time and effort(for no extra fee) to create a special trip for you!  As an example Pres. Obama recently visited Ireland to check out where some of his Family had come from -we do have some tours which follow the route he did.

Whether you'd like to experience one of Ireland's Grand Castle Hotels or a brand new state of the art Hotel we can help you out with your quest.  Of course we also handle the famous & friendly B & B's across Ireland.  You can choose a custom trip just for you -or we can book you into one of our scheduled tours.  These range from very inclusive all the way to minimum structure -depending on what works for you.  Some of the benefits of a tour are meeting new friend's from around the world -better pricing with group buying ability, priority entrance to museums -etc.

We also can offer you tours of The Flying Boat Museum -one of the most unique in the world.  If you have a group of any kind, including a wedding -we can actually arrange this at the museum.

If you'd like to experience just a magnificent property -consider Dromoland Castle.  It's just absolute perfection.  Again if your style is toward the more modern we'd suggest Castlemartyr as an option.

Ask about our Serenity Lakeside Vacation -it's something quite different from the typical Ireland Tour, we always like presenting you with unique options.

If you'd like a smaller group tour we have options for that as well.  With a maximum of 15 people on these tours you could even easily have a private tour for your family or group -talk about amazing!  We also offer tours connected with both Cunard Line and Princess Cruises.  You can drive yourself on your own journey or if you'd like to go the other extreme we can arrange a chauffeured tour as well.

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