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We recently met with several of our contacts in the Travel World.

We wanted to inform you of 2 options for your next vacation -or "life event" of any kind.

Casa de Campo has been a Star for many years in the Travel World.  It's also hosted many famous people in that time as well.  They've combined the rugged beauty, tradition & space with what today's explorer is looking for.  If you'd like to combine some sporting with your relaxation -this is the place for you.  Of course the Golf options are amazing.  We do offer many choices along with special offers in this area.  In addition you can try your hand at Polo, Horseback Riding, Shooting, Tennis, Fishing and more.  If you'd like to try your hand at any of these, but need instructions -that's available too.  If your more into the arts don't miss the amazing Altos de Chavon area -you'll swear you're in Italy.  A Member of "Leading Hotels of the World".

If you'd like to combine a beautiful, new and fun resort along with a smaller island such as St. Vincent we've got a great option for you.  We know Destination Weddings are very big now and what we try and offer is places which offer something just a bit out of the ordinary.  We actually have a Galleon Ship next to the resort where an amazing ceremony can be arranged.  There are even cannons on board this new vessel.  So whether you fancy yourself a Pirate or even if someone is a Member of the Military -it really will be talked about.  At this same resort Scuba Diving is a big part of the options for you.  Many different dive levels are available -there's even one going into the "Bat Cave"!  Did anyone see Bruce Wayne check in?

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We're thrilled to introduce you to a new cruising product sailing from England & Scotland.  Of course English is the onboard language, but it also offer the unique style of Great Britain.  Why not have a Group Event on these ships -we can custom arrange any theme you might want to experience, whether for your Family, Business, Wedding, Anniversary or any other.  For a smaller group of 4 we have some amazing rates for 3rd & 4th person in a room.

We can offer you a pre & post stay option in either England or Scotland to add even more flavor to your trip!

We're offering several wonderful trips in honor of the 100th Anniv. of the Titanic.  These are all very special & offer a lot of inclusions.  This new company also is offering a cruise with this theme from only $883. pp which is an amazing value for this trip.  If you've wanted to experience this kind of an event but couldn't afford it -this voyage from us is for you.  In addition we're also offering 2 voyage celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen -one covers more of England/Ireland & the other Scotland.  Rates for this Grand Journey start at only $1081.pp.  Among many other themes we're also offering 2 Gardens of Europe Voyages from only $817.pp

These Ships are smaller than some of the current Mega-Ships & offer a very personal experience.

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We were honored to be invited by Cunard Line to see the brand new QUEEN ELIZABETH when she made her maiden arrival to the Port of Boston.  Of course Cunard has been offering grand sea voyages for over 170 years -therefore we really don't need to spend too much time on how much experience this company has.

Having been in this industry since the mid 70's I've seen many great new ships, along with many beautiful older vessels as well.  I have to say that this stunning ship is among the top I've seen.  I was blown away by the detailed craftmanship & pride you saw everywhere.  The other point to make is that you see this style all over the ship, not just in one area -or a few!  Going from one area to another your breath is taken away with each new "discovery".  If you like the Art Deco style so common on the Grand Liners of the past -it's clear Cunard was determined to bring this back, with no hesitation at all.

There are too many kudos to mention all of them, but we'd like to mention some highlights.  The Grand Lobby is a trip back in time -there is an enclosed lounge near the pool deck with a sloping glass roof(my immediate thought was that we'd tell our clients to spend a lot of time here -just amazing)!  For those lucky enough to be staying in the Grill Sector not only will you enjoy wonderful Dining Rooms, but the Private Courtyard Dining area is outstanding.

We have some amazing offers not only on this beautiful ship -but also on her sister ship which is spending this winter in the America's(your best chance to experience Cunard close to home)!  Of course QUEEN MARY 2 offers the regular Transatlantic Crossings as well as cruising in many areas of the world or all the way around it.  NOTE: Always dreamed of taking a World Cruise, but too long -consider joining a segment anywhere around the world.  We have all the details -you're part of the most exclusive trip at a much lower cost, both in terms of time & money.

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