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We recently met with a few of our travel supplier partners.  Not all products are the same & this is why you want a professional agent who can filter through all the options -finding the one you would enjoy the most.  If you book your trip direct -everyone is going to tell you their product is the best?

River Cruises are among the most popular trips out there today.  There are many good options out there, but if you like the style of a warm boutique hotel -Uniworld is for you.  Options are available throughout Europe and Asia as well.  You take your boutique hotel with you & dock right in each location you're visiting.  You unpack once and get to know new friend's with a small number of people aboard.  In addition to their high season options many people love the Christmas Market trips also available.

Again there are many good tour companies to choose from.  Trafalgar is among them for sure -we like their exclusive "special events" during each tour.  We also love their dining with the locals programs during most of their tours.  We can offer you a Sound of Music trip -for those who've always loved the movie and want to see the locations in person.  The perks of an escorted tour are: better pricing, details taken care of, fewer lines, making new friend's and so much more!

Taking a River Cruise in China is a very hot destination too.  A number of great lines cruise these routes, but if you'd like to experience China in person while also getting great luxury too -we'd suggest Victoria Cruises.  The onboard style is very comfortable for Western Clients -but also maintains a celebration of Chinese Royalty too.

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We recently met with many of our suppliers in the Emerald Isle.  As you hear in the commercials, it's a place we should all visit -no matter what our family history.

We have complete Railtours available covering the entire country & you can even custom design a railtour the way you'd like to experience it.  With 2012 being the centennial of the RMS TITANIC -we can also offer you a full tour including your very own "boat train".  Any type of group will also enjoy this form of travel -we can also custom design an event at the new Titanic Museum.  This is of course where the Titanic was actually built.

Of course everyone wants to visit Waterford -viewing the world's finest crystal & possibly making a purchase as well.  While you're there we suggest visiting a local journey into the past as well -if you happen to be a member of a group, we can arrange a special event for you.

If you'd like to explore religious history in Ireland we offer a special tour which will open that history to you & your's.

We offer all types of lodging from warm B & B'S -all the way up to Magnificent Castles!  We're glad to use our connections at these properties to make your trip even better.  Our company loves to inform you of amazing experiences you should consider.  The G Hotel in Galway City is just amazing -it combines cutting edge style, but also offers you a warm and rich atmosphere.

We also enjoy informing you of unique events & options for your getaway.  The Oyster & Seafood Festival is top notch for those who want to enjoy "the fruits of the sea".  For our Biker Fans out there -we offer Harley-Davision Rentals coupled with arrangements for you during your stay.  Lets Roar into Some Fun this year.  If Golf is more your style -we have an endless number of options available for you on "The Big Green".

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We recently met with our friend's at Norwegian Cruise Line.  Of course many of you are familiar or have sailed on this companies ships since it's start in 1966.  Actually the 1st major cruise line to sail from Florida.  In those years since then Norwegian has developed a reputation for being "the innovator"  in this industry -from the 1st Private Island to the invention of the Freestyle Concept.

We always have group space available on many sailings around the world.  In this case it's perfect for your group -no matter what type of group it is.  Of course here in the Boston area our sailings to the beautiful island of Bermuda are the best.  For people in this area it's so easy to start your vacation right away -no flights, etc.  Of course we have home ports all around the country with easy access.

A new series called "Love for Sail" has just started on the Lifetime network -airing Tuesdays at 10P Eastern.  This show will be filmed on several ships of Norwegian Cruise Line.  It's a good chance to get a feel for what we can offer you on your deserved breakaway.  Speaking of that the brand new Norwegian Breakaway will be launched in 2013 sailing from NYC year round.  We offer coach service from the Boston area directly to the pier and back.  This is another way to make your trip -more seamless and relaxing.  Let us help you create some great memories.

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