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We recently met with many of our partners from these various countries.  If you're into the Green Movement this is a region you should look into!  It's like stepping back in time -to a simpler life, including a slower pace.  Nature is overflowing here as well & whatever your interest -it can be met here.

We can either help you plan a custom vacation or we can offer you a great choice of the people who are from there.  You can even choose to tour by private car -with your own guide, at rates which are an amazing value!  Costa Rica is one of the very hot destinations out there & reasons why are very abundant.  For a great Honeymoon we have some special trips just for you as well.

How about a trip which highlights Coffee, Sugar & Chocolate -well look no further than El Salvador.  Ladies we know this one has to stand out for you.  Panama offers some of the widest variations of any country in the region.  The Canal is amazing, but Panama is so much more.  Why not stay in the middle of a rainforest at a magnificent resort -it's one of our favorites.  Belize offers some of the most amazing diving anywhere in the world.  It's also interesting to note that the language spoken here is English.  We suggest you consider the beautiful Victoria House while staying in Belize.

The Bay Islands in Roatan, Honduras are amazing -but we have to strongly suggest the Parrot Tree Resort & Marina.  It's like you're staying at a very wealthy friend's grand estate.  Not only that but you get to watch as yachts from all over the world pull up in front of you.  A big part of travel, as far as we're concerned, is to escape from your everyday life to something more.  Again the value is amazing too.  This would be a perfect location for a Destination Wedding or any other Group Event.  Remember when you book with us -we use our contacts to get extra perks for you.  "It pays to have connections"!

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We recently met with our Friend's from Turkish Tourism, Turkish Airlines & Louis Cruises.  Many people have no idea of the variety and beauty Turkey offers!  This country is also a shopper's paradise -in fact if you want a trip which focuses on this we can offer you this as well.  Turkey is "at the bridge" between Europe and Asia, therefore you'll feel a connection to both in architecture, food, music, history and so much more!  A big part of being in the Travel Business is building up connections in various parts of the world over the years.  This is one of the many benefits we offer you instead of a simple automated "cookie cutter" approach to travel.  This meeting was no different -we met a new connection offering endless options, not only in Turkey but all over the world.  We can offer you anything from Turkish Luxury(maybe for a Honeymoon or Anniversary) to a focus on the amazing city of Istanbul -or maybe you want to see it all on a Turkish Grand Tour.  How about the Turkish Riviera by sailboat -the choices are all your's, let your imagination flow!

Turkish Airlines may also amaze you since it's one of the highest rated airlines in the entire world.  Bet you didn't know that.  You might get peanuts with your included cocktail, but that will just be the start of the hospitality -great meals and service will follow during your flight.  Remember that?

Louis Cruises offers in depth destination cruising incl. Turkey and the Greek Isles.  We offer these sailings usually in connection with a land tour.  If you're not a big fan of big ships you'll love this line.  They are very nice -offer great service and food, but as an example sailing is done at night giving you all of your days to explore the destinations.  We also can offer you the option to embark or disembark at different ports along the route -again this will allow the most options for you to create the experience you really want.

The meeting actually took place at The Red Fez here in Boston.  If you happen to be in the area and are looking for good food and service check them out -we had a great time.  Try the Turkish Beer while you're there it was great!

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We recently met with our Friend's from The Big Island of Hawaii.  Hawaii is beautiful no matter which island you choose, however if you're looking for a less built up experience -this destination is a great choice for you.

Golf is King here.  Many choices for you to play.  Observatory's which offer some of the best stargazing in the entire world.  Home of the Ironman Triathlon -you can either participate, or tell your friend's that you did!  A great choice of Volcano viewing -really amazing.  The closest connection to Hawaiian History will be found right here.  If you love coffee -there's no way you can miss a visit to one of the coffee plantations, want to talk Fresh!  You can even see snow at the top of a mountain -here in Hawaii.

Book the Hilton with us and we can give you many added perks -on us!  If you'd like magnificent views at a nice resort near town -we'd suggest the Royal Kona Resort.  It's a great value.  Remember when you book a hotel with us -we work to get you a special greeting.

If you'd like a more active trip -we can arrage Ziplining, Jeep Tours, Birdwatching.

If you'd like a beautiful resort in a more remote location why not consider the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.  Among the best beachfront rooms in Hawaii -some of them even have a wall of glass in your bathroom with ocean views!

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As you may have read, recently many publications have been showcasing the advantages of having a Professional Agent on your side -among them: New York Time, Forbes, Time Magazine & Others!  If you can get so much more for about the same price, why wouldn't you?  Many are under the impression that you get a better price online -the truth is the suppliers set the prices & they want them to be seamless across all distribution channels.  Therefore why wouldn't you use an agent -here are some reasons why you should:











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We recently met with a number of our travel supplier partners -along with getting the latest news, we also focus on which products really stand out "among the pack:"

We all know how popular all-inclusive resorts have become -and with very good reason.  There are many choices -with most of them being located in the Caribbean & Mexico.  But we actually can offer you this experience right here in the USA.  This is also a great option if you don't have a passport.  The other good news is that a major renovation was completed within the last year.  Perfect for families as well since you can enjoy the children's program.  For Adults you can enjoy Tennis, Golf, Fitness & Yoga.  If you want to extend your trip with a cruise Port Canaveral is a great option.  This award winning port also gives you the option of enjoying all the Orlando Parks and Attractions either pre or post cruise.  We actually can offer you cruise/land packages which are already designed for your pleasure with either Disney or Royal Caribbean.

We love Sandals and suggest it for clients who want a combination of Elegance & Fun.  All of their resorts are great -but the new Emerald Bay in the Bahamas is outstanding.  We can even arrange a helicopter arrival for you -WOW.  We'd have to say it takes classic luxury to a hole new modern level.  You can enjoy playing golf on a Greg Norman designed course as well.  For those into Spa services -you can't go wrong with the Red Lane facility.  Ask us about oceanview Suites & Villas -many with their own private pool & butler.  Many bars are available for your selection -but a British Pub called The Drunken Duck is a top choice.  Wonderful Wedding options available too.

River Cruises are a wonderful vacation -often in Europe, but also available in Russia -China and more.  Uniworld is one of the best.  The huge amount of awards backs this up.  But we always try and find the company which adds the extra's & for us Uniworld does this.  Their Ships are designed to look like a grand Boutique Hotel.  It's always done in the greatest taste -but they'll never be called drab.  You feel as though you're visiting the Grand Home of a friend who has done very well in the world & wants to share it with you.  This is all while you take your Hotel with you through Europe or whatever region you're sailing in.  Again, this would be a great choice for a Wedding or any other Group.

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We recently met our friend's from this great Hotel Group, hearing all the latest news.  Other brands in the Group incl. Renaissance, Courtyard, Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn, Spring Hill Suites & Ritz-Carlton.  Whatever you may be looking for and whatever your budget -we can offer a Hotel to fit your needs.  When you book a Hotel with us we always go the extra mile to add perks -where possible.  If you need to book 24/7 check out our Hotel Booking Engine on our Home Page.

We know that Aruba is one of your favorite places -it's a destination people go back again and again.  At our Aruba property ask about our exclusive floor offering you extra perks all day long!  We feel it's one of the islands best values.  Speaking of extra perks if you travel to Aruba this fall ask about the Dine on Us program.  Also ask about our Spa Specials at the great Eden Roc(one of our favorites) -and our Arts Package at the magnificent Vinoy Renaissance in St. Petersburg FL, you can't go wrong with this amazing Hotel.

If you'd like to enjoy the most amazing views of the Caribbean consider Frenchman's Reef -the views are stunning, since the Harbor, Hills, Sky, Etc. are ALL AROUND YOU!  In addition she's fresh from a large renovation and looks great as well.  If you'd like to be a little more secluded Morning Star is a great option for you.  Consider this great destination for any type of Group you may be considering -we can help make it a special event.


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We recently met with some of our partners in various destinations -to get the latest NEWS!

The Czech Republic and it's beautiful city of Prague are waiting to host and inspire you.  We really have to say that this country provides some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere -both man and nature made!  It is also among the best values in Europe today.  If you're looking for Knights in Shining Armor or wonderful artwork you'll find it here.  Some of the most amazing spas in the world are waiting for your arrival too.  If Golf is more your style, don't worry many options can be provided.  Among all the arts which are available for you here -Architecture, both traditional and modern are abundant so make that part of your journey of exploration.

Spain is another beautiful country which offers you a very wide choice of what you would like your trip to be.  You can also combine a number of different options in one trip -since the country isn't huge and transportation options are many.  Along with all the usual choices we can offer you -we always like to offer unique journeys for you to consider.  We have several trips available for the annual "Running of the Bulls" Event -we promise you won't be bored.

Again along the same unique lines -We can offer you many different options with our Gospel, Jazz & Harlem Spiritual Tours!  To a great extent you can custom design whatever you'd like the focus of these tours to be for you.  The Music is just outstanding -we can offer an Amateur Night at the Apollo & if you'd like to include a Soul Food dinner consider it done.  Gospel Music is wonderful anytime of year, but if your schedule will have you in the area for the Holidays -it just takes it to a new level.  For the Apollo tour we'll even incl. a Limo & Champagne for you.  Groups are a specialty for us -so why not consider getting a group together whether it be your Church, Family, Friend's, Reunions, Etc.  We'll take care of it for you!

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We recently met with our friend's at this Hotel Group.  The Brands included in the group are Hilton, Hampton, Hilton Garden Inn, Doubletree, Homewood  Suites, Embassy Suites(one of our favorites), Waldorf Astoria Hotels.

This Meeting took place at The Back Bay Hilton.  We saw some rooms which offered some of the most amazing views we've seen at a Hotel.  If you'd like a very special experience -please give us a call & we'd be glad to make it happen for you.  It's also a great option for any type of group you may be considering for a trip to Boston.  Also always keep in mind that when you book a Hotel with us we always go the extra mile for your arrival there.

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