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We recently met with our Friend's at Holland America aboard their recently renovated MAASDAM.  This line is one of our favorites & is perfect for you if you like great service, flowers, oil paintings and antiques.  Their fleet sails the entire world and even all the way around it.  This means no matter where you want to go we can help you choose the perfect voyage for you!  The Maasdam continues to sail directly from Boston till the Fall -sailing Canada/New England.  She'll also return to Boston in 2013 with similar routes -incl. a grand round trip 35 Day European Voyage from Boston.  See Europe in detail without dealing with flying.  This can also be booked as a one way too.  If you'd like a really grand Wedding why not consider having it aboard.  We are group experts & will be happy to help make it something to remember.  Any other type of group or theme is very workable too.  We can ever offer you the use of a Chef's Kitchen area for your group!

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