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We recently met with our friend's at Grand Cayman Dept. of Tourism -along with many hotels and suppliers from this beautiful island.  If you're looking for clean, safe warm weather destination Grand Cayman is a perfect island for you.  There is no gambling, but almost everything else you want to do is right here.

The island offers many great places to stay -no matter what your budget or style might dictate.  Probably a couple of personal favorites would be the Grand Cayman Beach Suites & The Westin.

For Special Events we won't let you down either!  Whether you want to run a Marathon -participate in a Grand Cookout incl. Anthony Bourdain or spend a whole week enjoying the "Lifestyle of a Pirate" you can find it all here.  While we're on this subject we should mention the wonderful Pirates Point Resort on Little Cayman.  Very small -wonderful diving -relaxing to the max & run by a very friendly gourmet chef, need we say more!  She's studied with Julia Child, James Beard, Jacques Pepin & more.  But it's also like staying at a private home -with only 10 rooms we can arrange for you to take over the property for your group very easily.

For Divers an American Submarine supply ship has recently been sunk to create a new marine reef.  The ship rests 65 ft. below the surface, but with the bridge just 15 ft below the surface even snorkelers can get a look!

We also love the Car Museum -which is very rare in the Caribbean.  It's very well done and the cars are amazing.  We have some connections to the Museum & can arrange private tours and events for any group you might have.

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We recently met with our friend's at Miami CVB -along with many of the Hotels in the area.  It's amazing the amount of renovation and building which is going on -even in this economy.  The area offers numerous options -no matter what you may be looking from your trip.  As a Group Specialist we're always happy to help you out with any theme you may be considering.

Among the many people we met with were 2 we'd like to showcase.  The Z Hotel South Beach  offers wonderful Suites not to mention marble baths.  One of the main reasons we were bowled over by this property are their 27 Rooftop Suites -each incl. huge deck and a hot tub, etc. 

The other Hotel we wanted to tell you about is the Lord Balfour South Beach.  This Hotel is opening this fall & really steps out from the white on white style so common in this area.  It is a combination of European Style, Beauty and even a little bit of Humor -who doesn't like that?  Why not vacation with your friend who owns a beautiful mansion in Miami.

Remember when you book with us -we personally contact the Hotel to make sure you get a special greeting!

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