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We recently met with several operators in this region with much experience & variety to offer, no matter what you may be looking for.

Of course each country offers it's own style of vacations to present for your consideration.  These providers offer decades of experience in the region & want to showcase the best.

We can offer amazing Hotels in places like Patagonia & Easter Island -along with all other areas you may have been dreaming of.  Whether you want to ride a horse or a bicycle we can add that to your journey.  Why not make your Honeymoon stand out from the rest.  Groups are a specialty for us.  Google -Why Use a Travel Agent?

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A Major Benefit of working with a Good Travel Agent is the many good contacts & connections which we've made in over 3 decades being in this industry!  Let that work to your benefit.

We recently met with an excellent Company which handles this type of journey in a number of regions around the world.  There is a Passion Play coming up in Italy in 2015.  Groups are a specialty for us -so any group or church which would like to experience this event, the earlier you confirm your interest the more we can add to your trip.  We even have space available within the play for you to actually be a part of it -but the space is very limited!  We take pride in custom tailoring the trip to add whatever options you'd like in each particular region.

Of course we offer trips to Events in Germany, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Spain & Medjugorje.  Of course Jewish Heritage Tours and even a Steps of St. Paul Cruise.

These can be a great journey for Families and if you wish to do a Fundraising Trip, that can also be discussed.

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We recently met with a major tour operator for this region.  They have decades of experience within Greece, not to mention the surrounding areas as well.  They actually own a number of Hotels, Cruise Ships and other components of your tour.  This adds to the seamless nature of your journey -along with taking a personal interest in the quality levels as well.  The ships lean toward the smaller size -which enables getting closer to your destination.

The options are almost endless in how we can create what you or your group may be looking for!  Many Honeymooners want to experience the history and beauty of Greece -in particular the Greek Isles.  You can even have your Destination Wedding in the area as well.  We can ever offer you an Open-Bar option for your cruise and I'd say it's a great value for the freedom it gives you.

We'll be offering 2 Religious Pilgrimage Voyages this Fall.  Don't delay since we expect the interest level for this to be quite high.  It's also a wonderful way for any Church not only to solidify the bonds among your members, but can also be used as a Fundraising Trip for the Church!

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