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We recently met with our friend's at Travel Dynamics about their programs.  Please Note: As usual our pricing is the same as direct.  You really can choose to explore close to home in America on numerous routes aboard the YORKTOWN or you can voyage to more exotic locales around the world aboard CORINTHIAN.  These include Europe, Africa, South America & Antarctica.

Both vessels are very nice and serve approx. 100 passengers.  We're also glad to help out if you have any type of group -of any size which you might be considering.  The YORKTOWN sometimes offers a Theme Sailing -such as Civil War.  She also does unexplored Caribbean along with Central America too.

We have to say that the CORINTHIAN is one of our favorites!  You really feel as though you've been invited on a friend's massive yacht -she just has that feel & the Suites are amazing.  Wonderful places to come home to when you're done exploring the region for that day!

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We recently met with Regent Seven Seas Cruises.  If you want to explore the world -there are numerous options for you and you want the most included in a Deluxe Product -Regent is for you!  There are many things you never have to worry about on Regent -one of them being staterooms.  Since the minimum is a Suite of 300 square ft -there are no "bad rooms" on this line.  Then your only choice will be how large do you want your Suite to be.  In basic terms from your arrival flight all the way through your journey to your departure flight -virtually everything is included.

You'll find guests of all ages on board these fine vessels -since it's not really about age, but rather about a Lifestyle!  I'd describe the onboard atmosphere as relaxed elegant style.  It's not stuffy or over the top -but everything is of the highest quality and the crew is wonderful.

If you have a small group -ie: Family Reuion, Wedding, Corp Trip we can arrange many special events for you onboard -at no extra charge.  We love helping you create not only great journeys, but also lifelong memories.

Ask us about our comparison chart showing similar suites on other lines -you'll be amazed at the level of value aboard this 5 Star Line when compared with others!  It isn't really about what you pay at the start of your trip -but your total bill at the end of the trip, which really matters.

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Having recently met with more of our contacts in South America -we wanted to highlight some of the destinations you really might want to add to your list!

The Alvear Palace Hotel has to be one of the greats anywhere in the world.  We do specialize in Groups and this destination is perfect for any event you can consider -in the amazing city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Of course anytime you think of this beautiful city the Tango is certainly near the top!  We also can arrange your visit to an outstanding Tango Show -it's a marriage made in heaven.

If you've ever dreamed of Golfing in Patagonia -the Llao Llao Resort is the place you want to be!  There's also a wonderful spa waiting for you as well.  We describe it as a year round Grand Modern Lodge with views so beautiful it's hard to believe they're real.  Some other activities are biking, skiing & archery.

We deal with several different tour operators as well.  Volume pricing, routes which capture the best of what you want to see are all part of what they provide.  These can be custom or pre-planned routes.  We can ever offer you cruises aboard a former yacht owned by Princess Grace.  She only carries 18 guests so it's quite doable to take over the vessel & route offered! 

We also are offering  the 1st Air/Cruise to Antarctica.  With this plan you actually fly over the very rough Cape Horn area and connect with your vessel docked in King George Island & ready to explore.  With only 68 guests you'll also find there's never any crowding at all.  The vessel is very nice, but of course the primary focus of this trip is the destination.  We also have an excellent tour staff.

In Buenos Aires -if you love Soccer/Football why not stay at the 1st Hotel designed around this world famous sport.  Along with a very nice Hotel -you'll also have loads of fun!

If you prefer to explore Patagonia by ship -we have several modern, well run ships from which you can choose.  The beauty here is that you can unpack once and just explore the entire region from your "waterfront hotel".  Passenger capacity runs from 150 - 200, so it's still very small -but a bit bigger than the yachts.

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We recently met with our Friend's at Celebrity Cruises.  For our local fans they've recently been named the official Cruise Line of the Boston Red Sox!  We have a number of upgrade and special offer programs to celebrate this big news and your important getaway.  For cruises sailing from the NYC area we can also offer a private coach service from Boston directly to the pier -and this coach will also be waiting for you to bring you home when the ship returns to the dock.  Now it's always nice to travel in style and this coach totally celebrates the Celebrity Brand -you'll see what we mean when you arrive ready to board.

If your dream ship is bright, airy, classy, warm, great food & service -Celebrity is for you.  You'll even been able to enjoy the Lawn Club on some of the ships.  We thought it would be interesting, but when we sailed on the SOLSTICE it blew us away how amazing it was to actually see a full lawn area on a ship! 

Our Suites are amazing by any standard -some look like grand NY apartments, but the King of them all has to be the Relection Suite.  Including an amazing glass enclosed bathroom -even the shower is glass enclosed(privacy glass incl.)  But even in an inside stateroom you'll still enjoy nice style & good service.  If you choose an Aqua Class Stateroom or Suites you'll enjoy many extra amenities -even your own Dining Room called Blu.  If you choose a balcony stateroom you're staying in the "ultimate oceanfront hotel"!

Cuisine aboard Celebrity really stands out -the top ratings of any Premium Line.

You can explore the world in most regions around the world -aboard this great company.  Many extra perks with Groups.  Google -Why Use a Travel Agent?

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