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We recently met with Costa Cruise Lines to hear the latest about this company with it's birth in the 1800 for cargo & in the early 1900 for the passenger ship division.  Millions of passengers over that time frame have enjoyed their worldwide ocean voyages.  In recent times the line has had some serious issues with one of their ships!  It's not at all something which should be minimized -however as with other companies when these events take place the level of safety is raised to a level never seen before.

We'd honestly describe this line as Italian style -with a strong dash of Vegas thrown in for fun.  This will help you know whether it's the right product for you.  Considering the popularity of this worldwide line look at this unheard of statistic:  the 2012 World Cruise sold out in 4 hours, the 2013 World Cruise sold out in less than a week & the upcoming 2014 World Cruise is also 100% sold out!  We've been in this industry for a long time and I can't recall anything like this from another cruise line.

For racing fans we can offer an F1 simulator aboard some of these ships!  We know how popular Spas are in life & also on vacation.  We can offer the famous Samsara Spa onboard & you can even book a spa stateroom with special perks for you.  Whether you want to sail from Miami or Dubai we can offer you whatever you want worldwide.

If you'd like the Costa product with a more cutting edge feel -consider the ship NeoRomantica.  A totally stunning vessel which will offer more overnights and longer stays in ports -along with longer voyages.  One of the most stunning rooms at sea would be the forward lounge on the Costa Victoria -featuring a 40 ft. high wall of glass overlooking the ocean.

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