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We recently met with various Malaysian Suppliers we work with.  We've covered some of the better know attractions in the past -so this time we wanted to touch on some of the less known gems there.

Malaysia is the 9th most visited country in the world -talk about popular!  The country has also been voted as the 10th most friendly country in the world.  Therefore it's got to be high on your list -if you'd like a very warm greeting.  For the shoppers out there Kuala Lumpur has been named the 4th best shopping city in the world -can anyone say "just charge it".

The Highland Section of the country can fool you into thinking you're in England or another section of Northern Europe.  The green rolling hills, architecture and much more could fool you into looking for the Royal Family!  Of course Malaysia offers Hotels & Resorts all over the country fitting the needs of all budgets.  But if you'd like to experience your own private home -consider the Homestay Program.  There are 130 Villages in the program and almost 3000 homes for you to choose!

In Penang be sure to visit George Town.  This magnificent city will take you back in time.  If you're into History this UNESCO site will richly reward you during your trip.

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We recently met with one of the best run warm weather resort companies.  The Brands are Zoetry(Spa), Secrets, Breathless(cutting edge luxury), Dreams, Now & Sunscape.  These resort brands offer a whole range of styles for many looking for various vacations styles.  One thing they have in common is very good all inclusive qualtiy.  Always a good value when you want to get away from the cold.  We also are thrilled to be able to offer a guarantee program where you'll save a lot of money & we promise the level of luxury you'll get -but we get to choose the property.

We specialize in Groups & these resorts offer wonderful options for any style group you may be thinking of.  Whether a destination wedding, honeymoom, reunions, meetings or any other event.  We also can often present you with special flights to get you there -with added features and better value!  NOTE: We offer Nonstop Flights from Boston to get you away from the cold & to these hot resorts!  Ask about Nonstop Flights from other cities as well.

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