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We recently met with many of our partners to this beautiful country.  The friendly people, great value, amazing scenery and much more are evident in this destination.  But we wanted to touch base on some highlights which really stood out!

If you want to explore Funchal give serious consideration to the outstanding Reid's Palace Hotel.  Part of travel is getting to live in a different atmosphere than we usually do.  If you want to pretend that you hit the lottery -than stay in this magnificent hotel.

We offer Religious journeys around the world -but in this region no trip would be complete without including the world famous location of Fatima.

If you'd like to explore the countryside with style & also unique places offering great value don't miss the many Pousadas!  They're all charming locations, but some of them are also outstanding.

In the city of Oporto you have to consider The Yeatman Hotel.  Groups who are into Wine or Spa Vacations will be in Heaven here.  We love showcasing unique amazing places to stay and visit, for our travelers.  This is one of the joys of our job.  Since we all work hard to afford a vacation -you should want to really create amazing memories, no matter what your budget is!

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We recently met with our reps from Disney Corporation.  As you've seen on TV when you're visiting the Disney Parks you will be able to plan your on the ground experience like never before!  After we book your trip to Disney we'll give you the way to get your "Magic Bands" -and then you can start making your trip more personal than ever.  It will also give you loads of valuable "inside information" while on your trip.

Every part of the Disney Family has new things to offer you coming up.  Whether Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Aulani in Hawaii or Disney Quality Land Tours around the world -we can offer not only the great quality you expect, but new additions for your enjoyment.

We offer you "inside information" before your trip -regarding what features and products offered by Disney will best fit the experience you're looking for!

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