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We recently met with Ireland Tourism & also numerous companies we work with in The Emerald Isle!

We consider an important part of our job is to showcase places we feel really stand out -among the many choices out there.  Of course you don't get this with what we refer to as "Fast Food Travel".  Their objective is to move as much product as possible in a short period of time -our objective is to find the best overall option for you along with service which will keep you coming back.  The nice surprise is we offer direct pricing too.

If you'd like to have sweeping ocean vistas and a massive beach -which you'll share with very few others look no further than Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa in the West Cork area.

If in Belfast of course you have to include the Titanic Museum.  With a Group -of any kind, we can also arrange a special function as well.  Whether a Wedding, Meeting, Anniversary or anything else you may have in mind.  The reviews of this experience have been off the charts!

If you've always dreamed of living in a grand Red Castle -look no further than Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel in Dublin Co.  It really offers a very high level of service and style.  They also have 2 Hotels in NYC if you'd like some of that Irish Charm in The Big Apple.

If you'd like a Castle, but you also want it in a more modern style -we'd suggest the Parknasilla Resort & Spa in Kerry.  You'll be in modern luxury -but with an impressive history as well.  After all Princess Grace loved to stay here.  Both the Spa and Golf facilities are outstanding -so you'll both be happy, or you can alternate what you'll do each day.  We also offer Villas and Lodges at this amazing property too.

Of course we also offer the full gamut of escorted vacations, semi-escorted vacations, self-drive, rail vacations, limo vacations & even arrangements for the challenged -incl. vacations for the deaf.

If you'd like to experience intimate properties -all with high quality, we offer Manor House Hotels.  We also have contacts within the company and will guide you to the best options for your wishes.

If you'd like to do an Irish Pub Tour -we've got the trip waiting for you!  Or if you'd like to mix it up a bit why not experience The Military Tattoo in Scotland.

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We recently met with our friend's at Princess Cruises aboard their ROYAL PRINCESS.  All of the Princess Fleet are beautiful ships -however once in a while there's a real standout.  This has to be one of the most beautiful ships I've ever seen in many years in this industry!  I'd have to say that everywhere we looked was absolute perfection -and I don't use words like that easily.  We also found the crew was top notch along with a similar rating for the food served.

The ship really feels more like a Deluxe product rather than a Premium product.  It has to be one of the greatest values out there today!  We offer special fares for Veterans aboard Princess.  Also special perks will be offered for any type of group -usually starting at only 8 rooms.  Also be sure to ask about the Chocolate Voyages.

If aboard you'll find me in the Sanctuary Adult Pool area!  This area ranges from included -to packages for private couple areas which start at only $20pp.  Well worth it from what we saw.  The Spa area was better than any I can recall & there are many nice one's out there.  You can even walk on a glass floor 16 stories above the sea -quite an experience!  Princess even offers a beautiful fountain show at night on the pool deck -talk about class.  2015 is Princess Cruises 50th Anniv. -celebrate with us.

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We recently met with our Friend's at Miami Tourism.  We've known these people for many years & this can often mean a heads up for your travel -as opposed to "Fast Food Travel"!

We've always loved this city and of course it seems to get more popular year after year.  Currently there seems to be no limit in how the city will improve various "touch points" the visitor will see.  It really amazed us to see the many projects going on to make this Jewel -even better.

There are many wonderful destinations to choose from -but we wanted to focus on 2 which really stood out to us.  While very different we'd suggest both of them very highly.  The first is Dream South Beach.  We love all the properties here, but sometimes some of them can come off a little cold, decor wise.  Dream South Beach keeps it's SB feel but does so with outstanding decor -it really has to be among our favorites in SB!

The second outstanding Hotel has to be The Biltmore -we told you it would be different.  This has to be one of the outstanding hotels in the world.  If you want to feel like royalty this is the place to go.  We all want to feel extra special on vacation and The Biltmore won't let you down anywhere.  It's a style of living most of us can't afford every day, but on vacation "You Deserve It"!

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