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We recently met with our friend's at Emerald Waterways.  This line offers many options both in Europe & various regions in Asia.  There are many great companies out there for you to choose.  Our job is to convey to you what sets them apart from each other & then which one would meet your needs the best.

This company offers excellent quality and top notch vessels and service -while also offering a more relaxed feeling than some others.  We also love unique features such as onboard bikes, so you can explore on your own -with guided options too.  You can also use a rare swimming pool on the river.  Imagine taking a few laps as you watch Cathedrals & Europe slide by!  At night this space turns into a Theater -which can also be used for any special/group event.

Staterooms are amazing & many of them even offer walls of glass to give you views which just can't be beat.  The vessels in Asia are among the most beautiful we've ever seen & we've been in business since 1979 -so that really is saying something!  One of the best features of river cruises is that you unpack once and explore the world from there.

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