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We recently met with our friend's at the World Famous Sandals & Beaches Resorts!  I'm sure you've seen their TV Commercials & Print/Online ads over the years.  It's always been a great company, but with time they seem to be even stepping up their game more.

As with anything it's important to know which product is right for you & whether it matches what you are looking for in a vacation.  We like to describe it somewhat as Vegas in the Caribbean.  It's Big, Bold & Beautiful.  Just like Vegas offers some of the most amazing Suites anywhere -so does Sandals.  I'd have to say the choice and variations in styles is far beyond any other resort company.

So if you're looking for a very low key Boutique Exprerience -Sandals isn't for you.  But if you want Luxury, Fun, Grandeur & Amazing Suites look no further.  Group Events are also a favorite at Sandals & if you want a more Family Oriented experience look at sister brand Beaches.

Note: Casinos are not at these properties, a few have them nearby -if that's important to you.

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