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We recently met with our Friend's at Tourism Ireland & many of their member partners.  Our job is to find out what you're looking for in a trip and what special features are important to you!  This is the difference between what we call "Fast Food Travel" & working with an expert.  The added good news is that our pricing is very much the same as the assembly line travel co's.  We don't have a "special of the week" we're going to try and push on you.  You work too hard all year to settle for that.  We also like to inform about places which we really felt stood out -like anything else not everything is of equal quality.

For anyone interested in History be sure not to miss The Story of the Irish in Dublin -it really makes you feel part of the history!  With a group we can also arrange special or private events at many of these places.  For those with an interest in writing don't miss Home Place celebrating the works & life of Seamus Heaney.  Ireland is filled with numerous beautiful Castles -of course a high percentage are now Hotels.  We love their historic beauty -but if you're someone who'd love that combined with today's latest styles we'd suggest Clontarf Castle.

Of course we offer you all the options.  Escorted Touring where everything is taken care of for you & the chance to make new friend's from various countries -to rental cars offering you complete freedom to chart your own course.  For those who might not want to drive, we offer Train Tours within Ireland -you can choose from escorted tours or doing it on your own.  If you'd like a 5 Star and Castle Train tour ask about our Tour this fall.  Northern Ireland offers many Food Festivals in the year, including: Open Farms, Beer, Oysters, Chocolate, Botanical Gardens, Bushmills Festival and many more!

If you'd like to celebrate Halloween Irish Style -don't miss the huge event in Derry-Londonderry, you won't forget this one for sure.  For book lovers -don't miss the National Library in Dublin.  It really is quite an amazing place for sure.  Of course along the same line you have to include Trinity College & The Book of Kells.

We already mentioned having contacts in many locations which aren't found elsewhere.  Also having a personal connection helps.  We met the director of a company which Michael Jackson used to find his place to live in Ireland for a year with his Family!  Of course most of us aren't going to be able to do that -but it could give you some amazing options, for the time you have available!

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