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We recently met with our worldwide contacts at The Family of Marriott Hotel Brands!  It's always good to have connections at these companies.  The quality levels at these properties have always been on the high side, but we wanted to focus on some of the "real standouts" we can offer you!

Marriott has a beautiful oceanfront property in Curacao -but if you'd like to be a little closer to the historic downtown but still on the water consider the Renaissance Curacao!  They've actually built a 2nd story beach with real sand, trees, etc. on the 2nd Floor.  One of the most unique things we've seen!  We really love features which make a place stand out.

The J W Marriott in Santo Domingo is one of the highest rates hotels in the Caribbean.  For many people it would be a business hotel or a place to explore the history of the city.  The unique feature we love here is the 10th story rooftop lounge -with a GLASS FLOOR!!!

The Famed Lexington Hotel in NYC has a long and great history.  Part of The Autograph Collection -they've done a beautiful modern renovation, with a celebration of Jazz Music!  Some modern designs can come across as cold, but not here -they've perfectly combined bright clean lines with warmth.  There's even an amazing suite with a glass enclosed living room -even the roof, talk about being comfortable and getting a totally unobstructed view of NYC.

Being a "Group Specialist" -we love making those special requests come true.

Among our favorites would be the Kessler Collection.  We love historic properties which make you feel extra special & shouldn't that be how you're treated when you travel?  Actually there are even 2 properties in Orlando which can offer top notch services for about the same price as far more standard options in the area!

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