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We recently met with MSC Cruises.  This Italian Family Owned line offers a quieter style than some others.  For those who might like a refined classic style -MSC will please them!  We also offer a very affordable all-inclusive cruise on this line.  For racing fans you can enjoy a lifesize F1 racing simulator right onboard this ship -you and your friend's could even have a contest.  We also offer a Cigar Bar for those who like a stogie -but non smokers don't worry, it's fully enclosed.

Regarding the Suite Product -we can offer you a Deluxe Yacht Style Private Complex of 69 Suites.  This private "key card" area offers it's guest's Butler Service, Open Bar, Private Restaurant & Lounge, Private Pool & Deck and much more.  For a special occasion we can book you into The Sophia Loren Suite -designed by her.  Some guests rarely leave the Private Suite Complex -but many others enjoy having the best of both worlds.  Enjoy a Deluxe Private Yacht Experience -but also have Fun Features of a Large Ship to enjoy when you want to.

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