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We recently met with the Tourist Board & the National Airline of Portugal.  Portugal has always been an amazing country -but there are added bits of information we wanted to share.

2017 is the 100th Anniversary of the Miracles of Fatima.  As you can imagine there will be many special events going on this year.  For the Golf lovers out there -Portugal has been voted one of the best countries for this very popular game -rates tend to be a great value too.  Sad to say no place in the world is 100% safe -but Portugal is the 5th safest destination in the WORLD!  For those who dream of Castles -you'll find many of them here.  Some of them you can even stay overnight.  Portugal also has been voted as having the best "walking trails" in Europe!  USA Today voted Portugal as the # 1 Wine Destination -can we all Toast to That.  TAP has been also voted the best airline in Europe.

The Convento Hotel is absolutely amazing -with only 90 rooms you could consider taking over the whole property for a very unique Destination Wedding, or any other Group Event!  Take note that the Pasadas are Dog Friendly as well as a relaxed place to stay.

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