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We recently met with Royal Caribbean aboard their ship ANTHEM OF THE SEAS.  Many lines try to come up with new designs which will please regular cruisers & also new people stepping aboard.  In a lot of examples they win on most points, but often have some misses as well.  In our opinion with this ship it was a big hit in almost all areas of this beautiful ship!  She has a very different look from many of her "ocean sisters" -but she mixes cutting edge with comfort & elegance, all at once.  This isn't easy to do.  She also offers beautiful decor in very varied styles -you feel as though there were many decorators involved, not just one.  There are 4 beautiful Dining Rooms -our favorite would be The Grand, but you'll be happy in any one of them.  2 of them are Open Seating & the other 2 are Set Seatings -so no matter what you prefer, the options are open for you.  The Fun Options are really amazing both for children & adults too.  Don't miss the North Star -to actually take a ride above the ship & there's no charge for this!  This Great Ship offers year round voyages from the Northeast -including one of our favorites: a winter caribbean cruise from the northeast!  Ask about extra perks for Groups -of any kind.