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We recently met with The Irish Tourist Board -you've seen their TV spots covering all The Emerald Isle can offer you!  We're your guide through what features will help create the perfect journey for you.  We wanted to highlight some of the current standouts for you to consider.

If you'd like to feel very special -in a smaller hotel, why not consider The Hayfield Family Collection.  These are very fine properties in various locations where you'll feel that 5 star Family Service & Charm.  You'll have the choice of Cork or Killarney would be the locations.

In Dublin a wonderful historic property called The Merrion should be on your short list -a beautiful combination of historic elegance & modern features.

If you want to stay in a Castle there are many wonderful choices in Ireland -but we have to say we have a real soft spot for Ashford Castle.  Just reopened after a massive restoration -it's ready for your grand arrival.  Certainly an amazing destination for your wedding or any very special event!

Speaking of amazing destinations to celebrate any big event -The Titanic Belfast Museum on the location where the famous liner was built.  Of course you should of course include it in any trip, but we'll be more than glad to help out in your Grand Event here -we have wonderful connections there.  People joining you at this venue -will be talking about it for years.

For all of you Game of Thrones fans out there -we can arrange tours to the various locations where the series is shot.  To add even more realism why not try out the Cloaks, Swords, Sheilds & Helms which complete the picture(or selfie) -so to speak!!

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We recently met with the Tourist Board for the Champagne Region of France.  If you're a fan of the drink of celebration this is an area of the world you have to experience!  It's a beautiful region & offers a lot of variety beyond the main draw.

There are a number of choices in the area for places to stay -however if you really want to celebrate, we'd suggest the amazing Le Chateau Hotel.  This property offers it's guests a feeling of the Grand Country Estate for your enjoyment.  The rates reflect a good value for all the 5 star experiences you will enjoy.  For Groups of any type we can help arrange whatever special occasion you're celebrating.

There actually is a planned out Champagne Route for you to explore during your visit.  This will include the Mumm Cellar Tours.  Not to mention the birthplace of Dom Perignon -do we really need to say anymore about very special places celebrate an event.  Why not be in the "Center of it All"!

A number of Historical Connections are found in this area -including a number of them from World War II.  For those looking for more current day attractions -some of France's best deluxe "outlets" can be found in this area.  Attention all shoppers.

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We recently met with our friend's at Viking Ocean Cruises aboard their new VIKING SKY!  This is the ocean cruise division of the World Famous river cruise line you've all heard of.  The quality of the river line is very good to be sure -but we've even say they've upped their game from a 4 star to a 5 star on the oceans.

The owner of the line very wisely asked his previous passengers what they wanted in an ocean line & he designed the ships & product to satisfy that.  Sounds simple, but some companies don't always use this approach.

The result is astounding.  Very inclusive, all balconies, stunning Scandinavian design, wonderful service, little touches which mean a lot.  While not a cheap product -it does offer superb value for all you receive!  Voyages are offered all over the world -around it too.  A Spa among the nicest we've seen.  Of course no product is made for everyone and here is no different: Not really a Family Product, No Casino, No non balcony rooms for those with a limited budget.  Also, entertainment is excellent but not on a "big show scale".

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