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We recently met with Paul Gauguin Cruises & Sea Dream Yacht Club.  Both of these companies offer amazing 5 Star Journeys -to very special places.  They also offer excellent all inclusive value for their top notch service!

Paul Gauguin offers a wonderful way to explore the magnificent islands of the South Pacific.  You unpack once & your Deluxe Hotel travels with you to the various destinations.  The level of value is doubled when you consider how expensive the South Pacific can be -when each item is "billed" to you as used.  All of these expenses are fully paid upfront -onboard the vessel.  We highly recc. staying a few days prior or post cruise to extend your trip.  This will also take concerns away regarding any flight issues.  We can handle any of the resorts -for a once in a lifetime experience consider an Overwater Bunglow, they are amazing.  165 rooms.

Sea Dream Yacht Club is like a friend of your's has one of the best yachts in the world & they've invited you to join them.  Who doesn't love that.  You can choose the Yacht Harbors of Europe & the Caribbean.  For the hearty sailors let us suggest the Atlantic Crossing -which happens twice a year.   With only 56 staterooms & suites you can see it's a very intimate atmosphere.  We can help with any group event -incl. Weddings, Reunions & Meetings.  Of course if the group size reaches approx. 100 people -you could actually charter the yacht and control everything onboard, incl. sailing routes, etc.  Some of the features we like best would be the Balinese Beds on an open deck where you can spend the night!  A marina platform with plenty of watercraft.  Wonderful food and service.  Yoga on deck in the morning.

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